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Standard Journal of Educational Research and Essay (SJERE)

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Standard Journal of Educational Research and Essay Vol. 3(10), pp. 349-357, December 2015
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Research article


The Traces of the Past, the Roots of the Future an Essay on Creativity, Play and Architecture


Şahsuvaroğlu, Tuna, MA


Faculty of Atatürk Education, Marmara University, İstanbul, Turkey


Author E-Mail: tsahsuvaroglu@marmara.edu.tr


In this study, firstly the literal meaning of the word "architecture" and then, how human beings have evolved since their existence on the earth, how this evolution has reflected on the art and architecture that is regarded as an extension of art, and finally how creativity has appeared as a concept in art and creativity are presented. At the same time, houses where we live, sleep, eat and do many other things are discussed from the perspective of their architectural design focusing on how they have met our needs in different places and times throughout the history. The last part of the study aims to discuss the importance of the pre-school period and play which is remarkably important for this age group have a major role in the development and the education of the architects making efforts to create a new product. The study is based on the information collected by reviewing a variety sources related to architecture, visual art, social sciences and educational sciences. In addition, the concept of creativity that takes an important place in the concept of play is another topic focused in this study. In consideration of all the information used in this study, it is thought that this study paves the way for different perspectives in the fields of architecture and fine arts in addition to educational and social sciences and for further research as it combines different disciplines. Moreover, it is believed that this study can lead to eclectic research studies combining new and different disciplines.

Keywords: Architecture, Architectural Creativity, Creativity in Art, Plays, Preschool Period


 Stand. J. Edu. Res. Essay

Vol. 3 No. 10

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