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Standard Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences (SRJAS)

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Standard Research Journal of  Agricultural Sciences Vol.2(8), pp. 129- 135, December 2014
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Review Article


The effects of inorganic fertilizer on soil characteristics and production of Egg Plant (Solanum melongena L.) in Warawa area of Kano State


1Ibrahim M, 2Tasi’u YR, *3Umma M and 4Dangora II


1Federal Road Safety Corps, Nigeria

2Department of Geography, Sa adatu Rimi College of Education, Kano, Nigeria

3Department of Biology, Kano University of science and technology, Wudil, Kano state, Nigeria

4Department of Biological Sciences, Federal University, Dutse, Nigeria


*Corresponding Author E-mail: triwanuyalwa@gmail.com


Accepted 28 December 2014



The research was conducted to evaluate the effects of inorganic fertilizer (NPK) on soil characteristics and productivity of Solanum melongena in Warawa local government area of Kano State. The research was conducted by analysis of the soil and Ten soil samples from two different sites (farmers and experimental site) were collected by stratified random sampling method and were analyzed for physico-chemical properties (pH, organic matter, total nitrogen, phosphorous, exchangeable bases, exchangeable acid, micronutrients and cation exchange capacity). The findings of the cultivation shows that, at 0/15kg level of inorganic fertilizer, highest number of fruits, diameter of fruit (cm) and weight of fruits observed at farmers’ site while at experimental site 0.05kg and 0.10kg had the highest. Therefore farmers of Warawa town should maintain 0.15kg level of inorganic fertilizer in order to counteract the problems associated with the cultivation of pepper in their area.

Keywords: Cultural practices, Solanum melongena, cultivation, productivity, Warawa local government



Stand. Res. J. Agric. Sci

Vol. 2 No. 8

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