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Standard Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences (SRJAS)

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Dr. Omari B. Mzirai

Address: Institute of Rural Development Planning - Dodoma

Specialization: Soil and Water Resources Eng/Agro-Hydrology and Water Resource Modelling Specialist




Ebrahim Azarpour

Address: Islamic Azad University of Lahijan, Iran

Specialization: Agronomy sciences, Agronomy and Plant Breeding Science



Dr. A.K. Srivastava

Address: Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi

Specialization:Soil Science


Professor doctor Hazim Jabbar Shah Ali

Address: Animal Resource Department,  College of Agriculture , University of Baghdad , Abu-Ghraib , Iraq

Specialization: Poultry Science, Avian Physiology and Reproduction



Address:Turkish Coast Guard Training and Education Command, Turkish Coast Guard School Command

Specialization: Fisheries



Address: Nepal

Specialization:Crop science, agriculture, agrometeorology, environment, climate change


Prof. Dr. İbrahim ŞEKER
Address: Department of  Zootechny, Firat University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Specialization: Dairy cattle breeding, Quail breeding, Sheep breeding, Biostatistics, genetic

Dr. Ahmad Shehu Kutama

Address: Department of Biological Sciences, Federal University, Dutse. P.M.B 7156-Nigeria

Specialization: Plant Physiology, Mycology and Plant Pathology




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