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Standard Scientific Research and Essays (SSRE)

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Standard Scientific Research and Essays Vol. 4(7), pp. 268-274 July 2016 (ISSN: 2310-7502)
Copyright 2016 Standard Research Journals



Research article



Evaluation of Architectural Acoustics as a treatment in the design of Auditoriums


Uhiara F.E and *Emberga T.T


Department of Physics and Electronics, Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri, Nigeria

*Corresponding Author E-mail: terhemba4sure@yahoo.com

Accepted 18 July 2016


Architectural acoustics is the potential to badly alter the comfort and dead sound that is supposed to be the end results to the listeners if not be researched and simulated before its applications to the design of auditoriums. Architecture in so many ways is interwoven with the ways of the people, it is employed to fulfill both practical and expressive requirements of civilized people and thus embraces both utilitarian and aesthetics ends. Music and speech eligibility plays a very important role in the ultimate decision that shapes the building form Architecture of a space. For a perfect building form for an auditorium, simulation, Visual survey and observation are key in conducting on-site survey for auditorium construction.

Keywords: Architectural acoustics, Auditorium, Reverberation time




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