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Standard Scientific Research and Essays (SSRE)

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Standard Scientific Research and Essays Vol. 5(12), pp. 421-429 December 2017 (ISSN: 2310-7502)
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Research article



An assessment of Effects of noise and reverberation on speech perception and listening in lecture Halls


Uhiara F.E and *Emberga T.T


Department of Physics and Electronics, Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri, Nigeria

*Corresponding Author E-mail: terhemba4sure@yahoo.com

Accepted 21 December 2017


The effects of lecture hall noise and background speech on speech perception, measured by word-to-picture matching, and listening comprehension, measured by execution of oral instructions, were assessed in a lecture hall setting. Lecture hall noise evoked a reliable disruption in Students’ speech perception even under conditions of short reverberation. RT had no effect on speech perception in silence, but evoked a severe increase in the impairments due to background sounds in all age groups. For listening comprehension, impairments due to background sounds were found in the Students, but a stronger effect on listening comprehension, remaining significant when speech perception was controlled. This indicates that background speech affects higher-order cognitive processes involved in Student’s comprehension. Student´s ratings of the sound-induced disturbance were low overall and uncorrelated to the actual disruption, indicating that the Students did not consciously realize the detrimental effects.

Keywords: Speech perception, Noise, Lecture Hall




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