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Standard Scientific Research and Essays (SSRE)

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Standard Scientific Research and Essays Vol. 8(11), pp. 314-343 November 2020 (ISSN: 2310-7502)
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Research article



Lithostratigraphic interpretation and the analysis of the depositional environment of Nigeria Chad basin using well log data and seismic data


*Didi CN, Obiadi II, Okeke SE, Anakor SN and Ikomi MK


Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria

*Corresponding Author Email: didichekwube@gmail.com; Tel: +2348169876087

Accepted 31 October 2020


This work aims at lithostratigraphic interpretation and the analysis of the depositional environment of Nigeria Chad Basin using well log data and seismic data. Well log data such as Gamma ray, resistivity, bulk density and sonic logs were used to identify lithology and stratigraphic boundaries of the subsurface formations while the 3-D seismic data was used to interpret the seismic facies, structures, and the nature of the environment of deposition. Seismic to well tie was used to validate the formation horizons identified. Lithological descriptions ascertained five formations with alternate sandstone and shale units, five lithofacies LF1, LF2, LF3, LF4, and LF5 were encountered, three lithofacies associations such as continental environment facies, transition environment facies, and marine environment facies were identified. Seismic attribute analysis was achieved using structural smoothing and media filter. Seismic facies analysis was obtained with low amplitude discontinuous facies (Bl facies), high and low amplitude convergent facies (Cbhl facies), high amplitude convergent (Cbh facies), and continuous and low amplitude facies (D facies) across the seismic volume. Structural mapping and surface seismic attribute maps were generated from the study. It was discovered that the Cretaceous Basement structural features controlled the deposition of the overlying formations in the basin.

Keywords: Seismic facies, Seismic attributes, Surface attribute, Formation, Lithofacies




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