Complete Information About How to Choose the Right Athletic Tape for Your Skin

How to Choose the Right Athletic Tape for Your Skin


The world of sports and athletics is constantly evolving. Do we feel like athletes continually come up with new methods to enhance performance? Fitness enthusiasts who exercise for personal reasons should also find this interesting. Although athletic tape is familiar, it has consistently shown to be valid.

Find the best product for you if you’re interested in using it. There are many brands available. However, not all of them are healthy for your skin. The purpose of this blog is to assist you in finding an athletic tape that is good for your skin.

Uses of Athletic Tape  

Before looking for it, you must first understand when and why athletic tape is used. You can use this as an advantage when you look for skin-friendly products. Here are the common uses of athletic tape.

  • Injury Prevention

Athletes frequently use traditional tape to reduce the risk of injury. Usually, they use stiff tape to hold the bones or muscles in place. This technique is applied to areas close to joints, such as the hands, ankles, and wrists. The extra support can help avoid breaks, sprains, and other frequent injuries in athletic competitions.

There are also less limiting types of tape, such as elastic therapeutic tape. Merely lifting the skin improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage by leaving just enough space between the muscle and the skin. In the end, it stops inflammation, spasms, and cramps. Even better, it continues to be pleasant because it does not limit motion.

  • Chronic Pain Relief

Chronic pain-related suffering is lessened with the aid of athletic tape. It relieves headaches and migraines when applied to the back and neck. It allows better back and neck blood circulation and posture improvement. Carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, and similar conditions also benefit.

  • Rehabilitation

Athletic tape can reduce a joint or muscle’s range of motion, speeding up recovery after an injury. If you have sprained joints, it could also serve as a splint. Compressing the power may lessen swelling, which therefore reduces pain and helps to avoid further damage.

Elastic therapeutic tape, meanwhile, stimulates blood flow to lessen swelling and support injured muscles. After healing, it might help the injured area and avoid further damage. Additionally, it aids in resolving form problems brought on by initial conditions and injuries.

Kinds of Athletic Tape

After discussing the typical use of athletic tape, let’s examine its many forms. There are several varieties, and each one’s compatibility with skin differs significantly.

  • Corrective Tape

Pressure grooves are incorporated into this sort of cloth-based tape. Thanks to its elastic qualities, you have control over how much stretch is given. This is excellent for pain alleviation, joint problem correction, lymphatic drainage, and muscular support. This group includes kinesiology tape.

Another subset of corrective cassettes exists. Leukotape and cover all are examples of this. Medical professionals frequently use these latex-free tapes to improve joint alignment. They are not stretchy but are powerful. They are applied to set bones in proper alignment. To prevent irritation, this type of tape needs to be carefully removed.

  • Supportive Tape

In athletic environments, this is frequently employed. It continually takes the form of white tape with little to no elasticity. This is useful for restricting and supporting movement around a joint and is available in various widths. The zinc oxide in the tape is porous, allowing the skin to breathe while still molding to the joint. The body gets more receptive as the temperature rises. Athletes wear these tapes during sports activities, and afterward, they are taken off.

  • Compression Tape

Cotton and spandex are commonly used to make compression tape. It provides flexibility and only a little support. Self-adhesive tape from the Coban brand doesn’t leave a sticky residue on the skin. Sand sports competitors frequently layer it over other videos. Lightplast, on the other hand, adheres to the skin and offers a lighter form of elastic support.

When just light compression and minimum joint mobility restriction are required, compression tape is generally beneficial for the hands, elbows, and wrists. On the same day that they are administered, they are frequently removed.

  • Water-proof Tape

This flexible tape is both flexible and washable. Its ability to stick to the body even when wet skin gives it a distinctive quality. If you frequently perspire or are in the water, it is helpful. This is sometimes referred to as “skin-friendly,” making it perfect if you have skin allergies or hypersensitivity.

Other Factors to Consider

The most crucial aspects of selecting a skin-friendly athletic tape have also been covered. When searching for the ideal brand for you, keep the following additional factors in mind:

  • Breathability

Your skin must have airflow! The ability to breathe enables moisture to escape into the atmosphere. Soft silicone gel adhesives are mild on delicate skin and permeable to water. These are the best because they have less peel adherence. When you have to remove or reposition the tape for any reason, this ultimately lowers the danger of skin harm.

  • Allergies

Before using athletic tape to its maximum potential, ensure you have no sensitivities. If you have an allergy, the tape or adhesive will make you uncomfortable, itchy, or swollen. It is advised to conduct a patch test to ensure no unfavorable side effects.

Finding the Right Brand

Before purchasing and applying athletic tape on your body, you should consider the above mentioned factors. We heartily endorse Hampton Adams, a brand of athletic tape that is gentle on the skin and is available on Amazon. With more than 20,000 evaluations, you may be sure that the product is efficient and well-liked.

Its founder removed harmful elements and designed the product to tear easily and safely while leaving behind zero glue residue. This is perfect for people who want skin-friendly athletic tape!

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