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Dorina Ear Acupressure Reviews {April} Is It Worthful

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Read complete and exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Dorina Ear Acupressure Reviews and learn about its authenticity.

Are you suffering from obesity, lymphatic system issues, chronic inflammation, and low metabolism? Would you like to reduce your weight and hunger carvings? Would you like to reduce weight without doing exercise? 

Do you prefer a simple but effective weight loss product in the United States that gives results within a few weeks? Did you know that using acupressure magnetic earrings helps in deducing weight and correcting lymphatic system issues? Let’s check Dorina Ear Acupressure Reviews.



Getadgreen company specializes in supplying beauty products and tools in the USA. It has several acupressure magnetic earnings, including Dorina EarAcupressure Magnetherapy Detoxi Earrings.

There are acupressure points in human ears. Wearing Dorina EarAcupressure Magnetherapy Detoxi Earrings helps improve lymphatic and blood circulation, absorb fats, reduce swelling caused by water retention in the body, Etc. Hence, giving overall health benefits with a focus on fat reduction.

How to use it?

  • Wear Dorina earrings, as you usually use regular earrings
  • The Dorina earrings have magnets and hence, do not require piercing
  • Dorina Ear Acupressure Reviews suggest using Dorina earrings regularly for better results


  • Name: Dorina EarAcupressure Magnetherapy Detoxi Earrings
  • Buy Dorina earrings at:
  • Original price: $49.99
  • Offers: 20% discounts till 500 units are sold
  • Discounted price: $39.00
  • Manufacturer: ZMPDJG
  • Brand: Dorina
  • Secondary Stone: Aquamarine 
  • Ring colors: gold, silver, and pink
  • Main Stone Shape: Round
  • Main Stone Color: White
  • Material: Metal
  • Closure: magnet
  • Style: Round Ball earring
  • Metal: Copper
  • Package includes: Dorina EarAcupressure Magnetherapy Detoxi Earrings x 1 pair.


  • Dorina earrings release ten times more negative Ions resulting in fat burning
  • Reduces excess lymph fluid by up to 60% in three months; accounted for Dorina Ear Acupressure Reviews
  • It is five times more powerful than infrared therapy
  • Helps in lymphatic detoxification
  • Accelerate the metabolism resulting in weight loss


  • Rare side effects of acupressure magnetic earrings include nausea, headaches, and dizziness
  • It results in the feeling of soreness if worn for a long period
  • Acupressure magnetic earrings cannot be worn while sleeping
  • The flux index of magnets in Dorina earrings is unspecified
  • Acupressure magnetic earrings are not recommended for people suffering from implantable cardioverter defibrillators

Is it effective and Valued?

Let’s check the factors below about the brand and Dorina Ear Acupressure Reviews to know if they are value for money.

About the brand:

  • No information about ZMPDJG company was determined
  • and ZMPDJG are not present on social media
  • gained a poor 48.2% business ranking, zero trust, and Alexa scores
  • is a high-risk website with 30% suspicion, 17% malware, 29% phishing, and threat profiles
  • was launched on 31st/January/2023 and expires within nine months and 29 days

About the product:

  • Dorina is a brand of ZMPDJG.
  • Dorina earrings were featured in the market in September 2022
  • The product is marketed on the social media platforms, including Facebook; a positive highlight in Dorina Ear Acupressure Reviews
  • There were mixed reviews about the effectiveness of Dorina earrings
  • They are sold on several e-shopping sites, including Amazon and eBay
  • Dorina earrings are also sold internationally

Based on the above factors, Dorina earrings are possibly genuine, but is possibly a scam.

Customer Reviews:

Fifty-one reviews for Dorina non-piercing acupressure magnetic earrings rated it at 2.9/5 stars. Product reviews on are all positive and rated 5 stars. Hence, getadgreen’s product reviews are unreliable.

Six video reviews on YouTube, TikTok, and shopping sites provided mixed feedback. Please read about product legitimacy, as negative Dorina Ear Acupressure Reviews suggest that the earrings fall off, and its effects are not seen for a long time.

Social media links:


The legitimacy of the ZMPDJG manufacturing company is undetermined., one of the websites selling Dorina earrings, genuinely is not confirmed due to terrible trust, Alexa, business, malware, suspicion, and phishing scores.Hence, is not recommended. However, Dorina earrings are legitimate as they are sold internationally in reputed e-stores, and customers have received Dorina earrings delivery. However, Dorina earrings were rated below average.

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Dorina Ear Acupressure Reviews – FA 

Q1. Does provide better offers?

No. Reputed e-stores offered Dorina earrings between $9.99 to $15.99 with free shipping and 90-day returns offer.

Q2. What are the payment modes offered at accepts Amex, ApplePay, GPay, MasterCard, PayPal, ShopPay, and Visa payments in 200+ global currencies.

Q3. Can a male use Dorina earrings?

Yes. Dorina earrings are a unisex product and do not require piercing.

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