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{Updated} Happy 26th Birthday Scandal Full Video: Check Details Of Viral Video On Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram!

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This post on the Happy 26th Birthday Scandal Full Video will inform the readers about the viral birthday video.

Have you seen the birthday scandal video? The video is published on several online sites including Twitter, Reddit, etc. In the Philippines, such videos go viral instantly. After the Sementeryo video, the Happy 26th Birthday Scandal Full Video is being posted on online sites. But, why is this video objectionable to many people? We will discuss in-depth about this video here. 


Birthday Scandal Leaked Video

An incident just came into the limelight where it was seen that two people were posing in an objectionable position without clothes and there was a birthday decoration behind them. Some online sites shared hyperlinks and claim to provide the video but they are redirected to sites containing 18+ age content.

DISCLAIMER: We cannot provide the video for this content as it contains 18+ age content. Moreover, some platforms claim to provide the link to that video but they are redirected to some other sites.

Viral On Twitter: Happy 26Th Birthday

The Happy Birthday Scandal video went viral on several online sites including Twitter, Reddit, etc. Sharing the links of such videos may be objectionable for some communities as such videos will leave a negative impression on kids under 18. In the video, a girl and a boy were seen in a nude condition. The decoration behind them clarifies that it might be someone’s 26th birthday and the couple was getting physical in the video. Don’t you think such videos are objectionable? Of course! We must not let our children, especially those below 18 watch such videos.

Is the video still available on Reddit?

The video is not available on any social media sites now. All the videos are removed from the sources. However, some online sites claim to provide the link to the full video, but the hyperlinks they have added are not redirecting to the original video. They have been directed to other 18-plus age sites having content that are not suitable for anyone. So, it is clearly understood that the video is not available now and people should not share such videos on any online sites.

Why the video seems to be objectionable?

The viral video on Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, etc., seems to be objectionable because it contains elderly content that is not suitable for the young generation. It will give a negative impact on kids below 18. In our opinion, not only those below 18, but people above 18 should also avoid watching such content as it can lead your brain to a negative path. The people in the video can be grown-ups as it shows the banner Happy 26th Birthday. But, we cannot assume anything on our own. All parents should not let their kids watch such content and must keep an eye on their activities. 

The link to the Happy 26th Birthday Scandal Full Video is not available on any online platform and it is against our policies to share any content that is 18 plus age. 

The hyperlinks available on the other sites are not suitable to share with our readers as they are elderly content. One should avoid watching such content and we do not support these activities.


We have shared all the information on the Happy Birthday viral video. You can watch and learn more on this video here.

What are your thoughts on this video? Do you support such activities? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Happy 26th Birthday Scandal Full Video: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is this birthday scandal video trending?

Ans. The video went viral in no time and two couples can be seen getting physical. Online sources are sharing such videos and it is trending.

Q2. Was the video shot by grown-ups?

Ans. We cannot claim that the couple was grown-up but it was shown in the background that they might be celebrating someone’s 26th Birthday. So, they might be grown-ups.

Q3. Where was the video shot?

Ans. It may be shot at home in a room. We can see in the Happy 26th Birthday Scandal Full Video that the birthday tune was playing and the wall decoration says it was a birthday.

Q4. Was objectionable to be shared among the public?

Ans. Yes, the video was objectionable as it contains 18 plus age content and such videos are not suitable for young kids.

Q5. Was the video removed?

Ans. We did not find the complete video anywhere. So, it might be deleted.

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