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How to Grow Grubs for Your Chickens?


Chicken is the most popular farm animal. In the past decade, many people have ventured into chicken farming. While some have started raising and keeping chickens for fresh eggs, others are doing it as a hobby, and a large group of people are doing it to generate income. 

Whatever may be your reason for chicken farming, you must be concerned about what to feed your chicken and what not! Chicken farming has become an essential source of income for many people worldwide. 

You must have seen an overwhelming variety of grub worms available in the market, but do you know which is the most nutritious one? The answer is American grubs! These are the chicken’s favourite and healthiest treats. 

Chickens love eating grubs, and these are high in protein that helps chickens recover quickly and easily from the hard season. If you are not aware of how to get grubs for your chicken, this article is for you. Continue reading!

How to grow grubs?

Though you can easily buy premium quality dried grubs online from any reputed online site that provides chicken feed, it is going to be fun if you want to grow grubs for your chicken. All you need to do is:

Step 1: Buy some grub and set up their home

First, you need to purchase grub (generically called larvae) from a reputable source. These are available online, and get them delivered right to your doorstep. But make sure you have set up their home before bringing them home. 

For setting up a home for grubs, you need to have a container where insects can live along; make sure it has a lid to keep the contaminants away. Plus, make some arrangements for providing food and drain out organic fluid and a way to harvest the grubs (or larvae). 

The substrate you are building should be three inches or less deep so that your larvae do not suffocate. This structure should be mould and weather-resistant and should not be kept in direct sunlight. 

Step 2: Controlling temperature and humidity

The grubs or larvae need temperatures as low as 35 degrees to survive, but they are most productive when kept between 50 and 113 degrees. Therefore, the ideal temperature for harvesting grubs is 95 degrees. 

Plus, during mating season, you need to make sure the humidity inside the container is between 30 and 90%. The temperature can be slightly lower at 85 degrees. Now, keep the humidity 70% after mating while keeping the temperature the same if you want to mature your larvae quickly. 

To maintain the humidity, you need to moisten the feed. This is helpful in other aspects, as it is easier to dig a moist than a dry feed. However, if you make the feed too wet, this can suffocate the grubs or drown them. 

Step 3: Add food for grubs

Next comes feeding your grubs! No one can survive without food; grubs are no different. Grubs or larvae will eat all kinds of organic matter like coffee grounds, manure, food scraps, or compost. 

Feeding grubs is the same as raising compost worms; if you have raised worms before, feeding grubs will be not challenging. Remember not to feed American grubs with inorganic materials or meats and fats. 

Step 4: Harvesting grubs

Now it’s time to harvest larvae and for this, put a bucket with holes inside the container in which you are raising larvae. Don’t forget to add some food scrap inside that bucket. After this, all you need to do is wait! Eventually, grubs will make their way into the bucket, and then you can collect them and feed them to your chickens.

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