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Is Cartioza Legit {June 2022} Check Honest Reviews!

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This article on Is Cartioza Legit will provide a fact-checking analysis of the website to make your shopping decision well-informed.

Are your children interested in online games? Are you thinking of letting them explore their interests? Are you looking for places where you can find some featured high-quality products? 

If that’s the case, we are here with an online shopping store for you located in the United States

Probably, that may fulfill your desires, and get some exciting offers. This article titled Is Cartioza Legit will help you do some legitimacy checks before hitting the “buy it now” option.

Is Cartioza a reliable shopping center?

To get an unbiased perspective about the site, please follow the below-given fact about the concerned site.

  • Website Authority Check: as per our sources, the site has no authority since it has fewer back-links than average. 
  • Trust Index: The site has a 1.9% trust index, which falls into the dubious and suspicious category.
  • Alexa Ranking: The site is not listed on Alexa’s global traffic ranking as it has zero ranking.
  • Customers’ Cartioza Reviews: The Company has listed some reviews on the site. But no favourable reviews on any other platforms.
  • Social Media Links: Our research found no social media link on the site nor in existence by its brand name.
  • Missing Description: Much of the key information about the products listed on the site, such as manufacturer details, country of origin, etc., are not mentioned clearly. 
  • Website Domain Age: The site’s domain was created recently, and it is just Eleven days old. 
  • Genuineness of Contact Address: Physical address of the company is available on Google Maps. To ascertain Is Cartioza Legit or not, we checked some other contact details such as contact number and email ID. But the contact number is not available worldwide.

 The above facts are mixed, but most of them signal the site as suspicious and fake.

About Cartioza:

It is an e-shopping store dealing in a wide range of products. As per our research, it targets primarily Western countries, particularly the people of the United States. Some of the mentioned categories of the products are:

  • Gaming products (target audience is children).
  • Fashion products (target audience is ladies).
  • Backyard set (target audience is well-families).
  • WEBWR grills (target audience is well-families).

Now let’s check some Specifications to answer: Is Cartioza Legit?

Specific Details

  • The Domain age:  The domain was created on 27th May 2022, which means it is 11days old.
  • URL:
  • Category: e-shop
  • Email:
  • Address: 118 Northeast 2nd Street, Miami, FL. 
  • Payment Options: Not mentioned
  • Return Policy: The customer can return the product but the refund crediting producer starts only if eligibility is fulfilled.
  • Refund Policy: the customer can return the product within 30 days from purchase. Proof of purchase is mandatory for a refund.
  • Total Delivery time: 15-30 days (Standard delivery time).
  • Shipping policy: Free shipping is available for over $100 orders.

Pros of the site for Cartioza Reviews:

  • The listed products on the site seem of high quality.
  • Some policy details are well-mentioned.
  • The website interface is quite user-friendly.
  • Providing attractive shipping offers.
  • It has listed some good reviews on the site. 

Cons of the site:

  • Alexa ranking is not available.
  • Website trust score and Index are pathetically low.
  • Its SSL certificates are full of errors.
  • Social media presence is zero.
  • Payment options are hidden or not mentioned explicitly.
  • Pricing of the available product seems very high and random figures.
  • Very new in the market.

Customers Reviews for “Is Cartioza Legit”:

Our thorough research in and out of the site raises many questions about the site’s credibility. And as far as customer reviews available on the site are concerned, they are all on the extreme positive side. 

However, it seems to be internal intervention from the company side in those reviews, as we haven’t found any off-site such reviews. So it is advised to the visitors and interested people to step in cautiously rather than impulse shopping. To get more info about the prevalent Payment Frauds, please go through the following facts.


To sum up “Is Cartioza Legit,” the site has different attractive things for prospective consumers. But for a well aware buyer, online safety must come first than temporary never-ending allurement. So go ahead carefully.

Please tell us in the comment box how you found the article? Do you have any better options for niche shopping? Please share. To explore your interest in the infamous PayPal Scams, look at the given data sheet. To learn more on Online Payment, click here.

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