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Is Delde Shop Scam or Legit {April 2023} Get Reviews!

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Customers can check whether it Is Delde Shop Scam or Legit by reading the details provided, and they can subsequently protect themselves by avoiding online purchase scams.

Are you looking for miscellaneous topics at one portal? Do you want to save time to shop online? Then visit the Delde shop; it is the best place in the online market where you can get various things. 

Recently this domain has secured a place in the online marketplace of the United States. Still, people are looking for whether it Is Delde Shop Scam or LegitSo, we will check the facts here-


Is Delde Shop a trustworthy online retailer??

  • The online domain was created on 11/01/2022.
  • The online domain will close its services on 11/1/2023.
  • It is tough to find out its trust count.
  • We found no social site symbol on the bottom of the portal web page.
  • You can use all the credential online shopping policies on the store to shop.
  • Its position on Alexa is ignored.
  • Shoppers are unable to locate Delde Shop Reviews on the selling sites.
  • The trust index is 63.1%
  • The threat and phishing scores collectively score 34%.
  • 4% is a malware score secured by it.
  • A valid SSL certificate is present to maintain client privacy.
  • The domain creator hides the name of its holder.

Information about Delde shop-

Delde shop deals in a variety of products at one store. It offers beauty products, kitchen tools, men’s and women’s accessories, car accessories, kid’s products etc. You can explore a huge range of products here. For every age group, it has something within it.

Specification to know-Is Delde Shop Scam or Legit?

  • The web address of the online domain is-
  • An official e-mail address to contact– is
  • Call us on – Not mentioned.
  • Existing physical address– PallaswiesenstraBe 180, 64293 Darmstadt’ Germany
  • Company Number-06411000.
  • Shipping Policy- You will receive your product within 5-10 business days 
  • Shipping cost-Not mentioned.
  • Free shipping-Not available.
  • Return policy– Customers have the right to apply for a return within 14 days 
  • Postage paid policy-30-days postage-paid return policy stated.
  • Cancellation policy-It accepts order cancellations before the product is shipped or produced.
  • Refund Policy- It is automatically deposited in your account.
  • Payment methods like- MasterCard, Credit Card, Visa etc.

Analyze the pros of the portal to know whether it Is Delde Shop Scam or Legit?

  • You have a variety of products you can explore here.
  • Various ranges of products are available here at a competitive cost.
  • You can take advantage of its essential policies to make shopping easy.
  • It offers a company number within its valid official address.
  • To secure client data a valid SSL certificate is present.
  • Many modes of payment are available at one portal.

Negative features of the portal-

  • The portal lacks a contact number.
  • Its Alexa ranking is not available.
  • Valid responses from users are not found.
  • The social media page is missing.
  • The domain is less than a year old.
  • It is not very popular.
  • The identity of its holder is not revealed.

 Delde Shop Reviews- 

The online domain lacks social media pages, so we got no responses from its users here. Even viewing another internet site, we cannot determine its good reviews. So, we will advise our shoppers before going with it read about- Getting a Full-Refund on PayPal Scams.

The Final Verdict- 

It is a poorly created domain that lacks trust count and reviews. It needs time to become a known shopping place. Furthermore, much important information is missing. So, it is not an exact domain to shop. Study over-How to Get a Full Credit Card Refund If Scammed.

Would you like to use it? Let’s tell us.

Is Delde Shop Scam or Legit? FAQs-

Q.1 Which delivery terms did the store adopt?

Ans- UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.

Q2. What are its shipping charges?

Ans- We did not get any detail about it.

Q3. Is it offering free shipping within a certain amount?

Ans- There is no details about it.

Q.4 Is it offering a full refund on order cancellation?

Ans- Yes, it offers a full refund on order cancellation if you cancel your order before transit.

Q5. In which cases does it not cancel your order?

Ans- If your order has been translated, it does not accept cancellation.

Q.6 Is the store offering P.O. Box shipping?

Ans- It does not ship any products to a P.O. Box.

Q.7 Is Delde Shop Scam or Legit a working e-commerce portal?

Ans- We don’t suggest buying it because it has many red flags.

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