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Is Horse Jewelry Legit {June 2022} Read The Full Review!

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This post on Is Horse Jewelry Legit provides you with all the information and details about the Horse Jewelry website to conclude its legitimacy.

Do you like collecting jewelry? Or are you looking for custom-made horse-themed jewelry? You might find this article interesting if you are interested in such equestrian jewelry. Horse Jewelry is a United States-based website that deals with different Horse themed jewelry. The manufacturer also claims to make custom-made styles at the customers’ request. You can check this article on Is Horse Jewelry Legit to conclude whether the website is legitimate or not.

Before buying any products from this website, please read this post until the end. 

Is this site genuine?

There are numerous websites available on the internet where you can shop for anything and anytime. But somewhere between them, scammers might be sitting there to scam you. So it is very important to always check the legitimacy of that website before making any purchase. You might be wondering how to identify such fraudulent websites? Or if this Horse Website is worth your trust? Let’s find out.

To find out about Horse Jewelry Reviews or their legitimacy, we need to check all the specifications and details about the website. Check out these points below to conclude the honesty and authenticity of this site.

  • Website Registration date: The website was registered on 15 May 1998. 
  • Website expiration date: The website will expire on 14 May 2023.
  • Registrar: The site was registered through Network Solutions, LLC.
  • Trust Factor: The Website has scored 86% in the Trust factor, indicating a low risk of fraud.
  • Buyer’s reviews: Customer reviews with star ratings on many products.
  • Data Security: The website has a valid HTTPS connection. Seems secure to share data, but be aware as it doesn’t prove Is Horse Jewelry Legit or not.
  • Owner’s information: Peggy Jane Matzie is the website owner who is working with her husband, Dennis, to run the business.
  • Social media accounts: The Website provides the link to the Facebook and Instagram pages of Jane Heart Jewelry. The pages seem active and up to date.
  • Customer Policies: They have mentioned all the information and policies in the customer assistant section, making it look trustworthy.
  • Website Interface: The website seems attractive and well categorized; there are no such unrealistic discounts presented trying to catch customer attention.
  • Shipping Policy: The website claims international shipping.

So Is Horse Jewelry Legit?

Horse Jewelry is an online store that sells equestrian jewelry (related to horses). You will find various styles and accessories themed on horses on the website. The site also has a section name “meet jane,” where you can find all the information and story about the owner Peggy Jane Matzie. It claims that the business has been running since 1998. 

Keep scrolling to know more details about the Horse Jewelry Website.

More features about the Horse Jewelry?

  • Domain URL:
  • Email ID:
  • Postal Address: Jane Heart, PO Box 6399, Scottsdale, Arizona 85261
  • Phone Number: 1-602-300-5148
  • Privacy Policy: To answer Is Horse Jewelry Legit? The website is HTTPS enabled and doesn’t share personal information with any third party. 
  • Return Policy: You can return your product in the same condition within 60 days. Custom-made and special orders are not returnable.
  • Shipping Policy: Delivery time depends on the Time and Location of the order.
  • Payment Modes: Payment through credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are available.

Positive Highlights

  • International shipping service available
  • Email ID, Phone no, and Postal address is provided
  • Customer Reviews with a star rating are available
  • well categorized products

Negative Highlights

  • Not so popular
  • Very few customer ratings on products

Horse Jewelry Reviews

The website mention all the necessary information like email address, phone number, postal address, etc. The owner’s name is also available, with a brief introduction to the business. Further, the website also has customer reviews on a few products, indicating that the reviews are real and honest. Although, there are no reviews available about the website on Scamdoc. We will also provide information on credit card scams via this post.


Summing up, the Jane Heart Horse jewelry website seems genuine. Its focuses on the manufacturing and designing of jewelry that are themed on horses. This article on Is Horse Jewelry Legit will help you guide about the honesty and legitimacy of the horse jewelry website. You must read all the important information mentioned above about the website before buying or making any purchase. Customers can check details regarding PayPal scamming on this page.

Please check this link to learn more about the Jane Heart horse jewelry website and its authenticity.

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