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Is Kuratys Scam or Legit {March 2023} Find Reviews!

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In the below post, you can check Is Kuratys Scam or Legit, by accessing all the website’s vital details and customers’ reviews.

Are you a garden lover? Do you wish to turn your free space into a good-looking garden with great planting ideas? Then, do not worry. Kuratys.com has brought the idea of Cofoas. This idea helps to convert your great ideas into reality. It does not matter how different your idea is. Coafoas can turn it into a perfect gardening and planting idea.

Therefore, people from the United States want to check the legitimacy factors and the website’s existing customer reviews before investing into it. So, scroll down to findIs Kuratys Scam or Legit

source: standardresearchjournals.org

Read Below to check all the Essential Legit Points!

  • The website was published on the internet recently, i.e., on 4th January 2023. 
  • This portal will expire within a year, i.e., on 4th January 2024.  
  • The owner’s & website details are available under the WHOIS domain record. 
  • Kuratys.com consists of average trust index scoring, i.e., 42.2%. 
  • The portal’s website popularity is found to be 0, which means that online customers do not use it.  
  • This website contains valid HTTPS security data. 
  • No blacklisted engine has detected this portal. 
  • Social media links for kuratys.com are not available. 
  • No Kuratys Reviews are present on any platform. 
  • The Phishing & Threat profiles have gained 38 marks individually for this website.
  • This website has gained 37% for the Malware score, this is a red alert indication. 
  • Proximity to suspicious sites has also gained 32 ranks, therefore this portal looks like a scam domain. 
  • The spam score has received 12 ranks for this portal.  

Know about Websites to check: 

Kuratys.com helps you in framing and customizing planting ideas for your garden. No matter how trendy or unique your idea can be, you can present your ideas. And at Cofoas all your ideas can be converted into reality with all your designing ideas. 

This website also deals in various online stores like Amazon. So you can check all the details from the official website. 


  • Flat 50% off on the first order. 
  • 2023 spring sales started on various orders. 

Specifications to check: Is Kuratys Scam or Legit?

  • The URL is https://www.kuratys.com/ 
  • The owner’s details and Phone numbers are not present on the official portal. 
  • The email id is info@kuratys.com
  • The shipping and delivery details will be informed via email once the product is shipped. The tracking number will be shared via email within 24 hours after shipping the product.  
  • You can initiate the return and refunds within 30 days of delivery of the product. 
  • This website accepts various Credit and Debit cards like Diners Club, MasterCard, JCB, and VISA. 


  • A 30-days return policy is available.
  • You will get flat 50% off on your first order. 
  • The owner’s details are present under WHOIS domain.

Kuratys Reviews found Cons

  • Customer reviews and social media links are not available. 
  • Rankings are scoring indicating a red alert. 

Check Customer Reviews!

Customer reviews are important as they provide authentic and reliable online store details. Unfortunately, this portal lacks any customer reviews. In addition, social media links are also found missing. 

Also, click here to learn the safety tips against trending Credit Card Scams. 

The Last Words

Based on our case study, this is not a legit website due to the absence of Kuratys Reviews and the owner’s credentials. Therefore, we suggest you check all the details and advise you to shop from an authentic online store. Additionally, check details for Credit Card Scams. 

What do you think about this shopping site? Please comment. 

Is Kuratys Scam or LegitFAQs

Q1. When the order will get ship?

Your order will get ship within 3 days of placing the order. 

Q2. Who will bear the taxes and duties for shipping? 

The company is not responsible for any charges and duties for the shipping of the product. Charges will be initiated at the time of time via e-mail, and has to be paid by the customer only. 

Q3. What procedure is require is the received product is damage? 

As per the official website’s policy page, this website is not responsible for any kind of damage cause during shipping. The customer has to bear all the costs for the damage happened during shipping. 

Q4. Which products are not included under 30-days return policy? 

Due to sanitary and hygiene reasons, you cannot return cosmetics, underwear and lingerie/shapewear. 

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