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Is Lowescheap Scam {June} Check Online Reviews First!

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The information and data will help the customers about the online store and also help to know, Is Lowescheap Scam or not.

Do you know any company that offers you various types of the shed? The name of the company is Lowescheap. The company offers many kinds of the hut like a plastic shed, garbage shed, tool shed etc.

Many people buy from stores in the United States and Canada. But there is confusion about the legitimacy of the online store. For this reason, we decided to check the website thoroughly and find out the answer Is Lowescheap Scam or not? 

Check the primary points of the website!

  • Creation date of Domain– 16 May 2022. It means the website was created 25 days back. It is a very new domain.
  • Expiry Date of the Website– 16 May 2023. The Domain will expire within 11 months.
  • Trust Index – Just 39.7 percent.
  • Score related to Trust– The website gets a 60 percent trust score. An average trust score it got.
  • Postal Address– 1519 Laurel Street, Palatka, Florida, United States, Ayesha Leonard, U.S.A.
  • Email Address– service@ratotel.com
  • Phone Number– Don’t mention it on the official site.
  • Lowes cheap Reviews– Customer feedback is mentioned on the website. 
  • Founder(s) Data– the Domain’s owner name is identified.
  • Phishing- Nearly 50 percent phishing score.
  • Threat Number: The website has a 50 percent threat number.
  • Website Popularity– The popularity score is very bad. It has just a 7253442 popularity score. 

The above information gives us some understanding of the online store. But we feel the above information is not clear enough to prove the virtual store’s legitimacy. For this reason, we need to check the service and work protocols of the website. We also need to check the other valuable information about the site and find Is Lowescheap Scam or not. 

What Do You Understand by Lowescheap? 

The company has an online store that offers many types of sheds. The online store provides Bike sheds, storage sheds, and wood sheds. If you visit their website, you can find many kinds of product descriptions. You can choose the products and also order via the website. Now examine the website in validated ways. 


  • Name of the Online Store– Lowercheap
  • Mentioned URL– https://www.lowescheap.com/
  • Return Procedure– 14 days return policy. 
  • Official Address– Disclosed on the official website. 
  • Contact Information– Email id is mentioned, but no phone number is mentioned on the website. It indicates Is Lowescheap Scam
  • Owner’s Protocols– Whois search clearly identifies the Domain’s founders. 

Please note the information presented here has useful internet sources. After pointing out the extended tail information, we still believe we don’t have complete data about the website. We need more concrete, helpful evidence to know the website completely. 

We have searched and found out some crucial aspects of the virtual store. We divide the data into both positive and negative data. Let’s check the matter and find some essential information about the website. Hope it will help us more in our search. 

Is Lowescheap Scam– The Negative Aspect 

  1. The website offers a very cheap rate to buyers. 
  2. The online store has various kinds of payment options. 
  3. The website provides a massive discount to the customers. 
  4. It has a right and mentioned return policy.
  5. We foun a Facebook login page for registration purposes. 

The Positive aspect of Scam Detection

  1. No phone number is mentioned on the website. 
  2. The spam score touches up to 13 percent. 
  3. The website has a 30 out of 100 malware score. 
  4. The suspicious rate is too high. Nearly 25 out of 100 total scores. 

Now we need to discuss the customer’s feedback.

Lowes cheap Reviews

We have checked the website. And we found some customer feedback on the online store. But the review numbers are deficient, and all the positive reviews are mentioned. We search the other sources, and we find the very worst reviews. 

We find that 4512 people or customers have reviewed the website. Among them, only 9 percent of people gave an excellent mark, but 84 percent of customers offered a terrible judgment about the online store. Four percent of people said the website is feeble. The customer’s reviews are very pessimistic about the store. You also check – How to Save Your Money from Paypal Scam?


Is Lowescheap ScamAfter discussing all the points, we can say, yes, the website provides many negative points. Hence, unfortunate, we say, the website is not cleared from the suspicious report and offers a lot of doubtful data. 

Our suggestion is, for the time being, to ignore this online store and prefer some legit online portal. You can also explain your recent online buying experiences. Read the article – How to Beware of Credit Card Scam?

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