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Is Orthojoe Scam or Legit {April 2023} Honest Reviews!

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To check out accurate details about the portal, read the article below and solve your query about whether it Is Orthojoe Scam or Legit.

Are you seeking branded shoes at an online portal with different shoes? Are you interested in buying shoes at a price-off? Then it would help if you visited Orthojoe.com, which offers many shoes. This web portal is working in the United States.

But shoppers want to scrutinize its essential facts and verify whether it Is Orthojoe Scam or LegitAs a result, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of portals here.

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Orthojoe.com is a genuine web portal-

  • The web portal was officially launched on 22 March 2023; it is only 12 days old today.
  • It has only been operational briefly and will expire on 22 March 2024.
  • Its trust rating is 43%.
  • There is no icon for social networking sites on the portal home page.
  • Consumers become aware of all the essential guidelines needed for risk-free and dependable online shopping.
  • The web portal does not secure a position on Alexa.
  • The trust index is 26.3%.
  • There are currently no Orthojoe Reviews available on the website.
  • A combined count of the threat and phishing is 102%.
  • A 15% rating is secure from malware.
  • Using HTTPS encryption and an SSL permit, all data is safely encrypted.
  • The creator of the portal needs to add the name of its proprietor.

Details about Orthojoe.com-

Orthojoe.com claims that it offers a wide selection of low-cost shoes. It is an online store that sells a variety of shoes for men and women, including handmade loafers, athletic running shoes, sneakers, and other collections. Because of the discounts it offers on a wide range of its merchandise, the store is currently popular.

Specification to check Is Orthojoe Scam or Legit? 

  • The URL for the web portal is-https://www.orthojoe.com/
  • The valid email address is-support@orthojoe.com
  • Contact number- It is not available.
  • Existing physical address- Not mentioned.
  • Time takes to ship order- It takes 7 to 12 days.
  • Delivery charges – $9.99 for an order value of $49.99
  • Free delivery-On the order above $49.99.
  • Return policy-Simply return it within 30 days for an exchange.
  • Refund Policy-Full refund offers with specific rules.
  • Return shipping cost- Customers must pay return shipping fees by themselves.
  • Payment options accepted are- Master Card, American Express, PayPal, Discover, Visa, Credit Cards, Master Cards, etc.

Is Orthojoe Scam or Legit– To get detail go with its paybacks-

  • The web portal possesses many options for secure payment.
  • Shoppers can see a vast collection of men’s and women’s shoes and sneakers at reasonable prices.
  • It is the safest site to shop as per the DNS filter.
  • Customers can read and use all the crucial policies of the store.

Advantages of Orthojoe.com-

  • It needs to be a more favorable trust count.
  • It is a too-young domain.
  • The web portal is not famous.
  • We need help finding the store’s registered address.
  • The web portal didn’t have a web page on social networking sites.
  • The contact number needs to be added.
  • Responses from its users are unavailable.
  • On Alexa, its availability is missing.

Let’s examine some Orthojoe Reviews

The web portal is disorganized and lacks many essential elements of a trustworthy online store. Customers can only find its genuine reviews if it has a promotional page on social networking sites. You must know-Get a Full Refund on PayPal Scams to avoid any transactional error.

The Last Verdict-

Orthojoe.com has a meager trust count, and many important details still need to be included. So, it is not a trustworthy website to shop. To find out How to Get a Full Credit Card Refund if Scammed.

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Is Orthojoe Scam or Legit: FAQs-

Q.1 Does the store offer worldwide shipping?

Ans- No, it does not offer global shipping.

Q.2 What about its refund policy?

Ans- It offers a full refund only damages products and lost packages.

Q.3 Is there any replacement policy available?

Ans- It offers exchange on defective products.

Q.4 Is the store offering compensation for a delay?

Ans- If the promised delivery time for your package still needs to be met. Compensation is assured.

Q.5 Which kind of delivery it offers?

Ans- Standard shipping.

Q.6 Is the shipping fee non-refundable?

Ans- The shipping fee will be subtracted from the refund.

Q.7 Is Orthojoe Scam or Legit an online authentic selling site?

Ans- This online selling portal is not authentic because it is poorly developed and lacks crucial information.

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