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Is Ourcartt Legit {June 2022} Check Detailed Reviews!

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The below article helps you learn about the website Ourcartt.us and other details related to that website to know, Is Ourcartt Legit or not.

During this period after the pandemic, people generally prefer to shop from home; looking at the demand, new shopping websites are opening very rapidly. Are you a person who is constantly in search of new products and fond of shopping through different websites at affordable prices? 

Well, Ourcartt is one of those websites where you can get things from casual wear shirts to various items related to home décor. The website is based in the United States. By scrolling down the post, you will learn about the website, and whether Is Ourcartt Legit or not. Follow the blog to know more. 

Is Ourcartt genuine or not?

  • Ourcartt.us registered only a few days ago, on 8th June 2022.
  • The trust index score provided for the website is 0%, which is not surprising as looking at the newly registered domain of the site. 
  • A ranking of 9163840 makes it untrustworthy. 
  • An HTTP connection protects the data of the website. 
  • The website has been given a trust score of 1%; it is very suspicious. 
  • The website will expire in less than a year, on 8th June 2023.
  • No reviews about the website Ourcartt Reviews on official or any other websites are found. 
  • The website Ourcartt is present on various social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, which can help conclude the website’s legitimacy. 
  • The threat score of the website is 90 out of 100, along with a phishing score of 73/100.
  • The score available for proximity to suspicious websites is 23/100.
  • It is in favor of the website that any blacklist search engine has not yet detected it. 
  • The details relating to the owner are also not disclosed by the website. 
  • Malware score increases suspicion towards the legitimacy Is Ourcartt Legit which is 14/100, also spam score is 90/100.

 Looking at the above details and scores, it has made the point clearly that the website is suspicious and not trustworthy; we will further discuss the specific information and reviews given to ourcartt.

Know in brief: Ourcartt.us 

Ourcartt is an online shopping store where you can shop for clothes and items to decorate your house at affordable prices. Things available on the website are:

  • Casual T-shirts 
  • Furniture 
  • Folding chairs 
  • Bookcases 
  • Lamp lights

Details in specific about Ourcartt.us 

  • Website address – Ourcartt.us
  • Address –East Cox Ferry Road143, 29526 South Carolina Conway, United States
  • Contact information – +1 843-904-5292, availability of number supports the point Is Ourcartt Legit.
  • Email address – support@ourcartt.us
  • Domain link- https://ourcartt.us/
  • Payment modes – The payment method accepted, such as PayPal.
  • Refund and Return Policy – In case of dissatisfaction with the products, they can be returned within 30 days, and a refund will be given within another 2 weeks. 
  • Shipping policy – Free shipping offer is available on all orders except in case of taxes and duties it is to be paid by customers. 
  • Business Timing – It is open at normal business timing from Monday to Friday. 
  • Sort & filter: This feature is also available on the website.

Pros to determine whether Is Ourcartt Legit or not! 

  • An HTTP connection protects data. 
  • A free shipping service is also available. 
  • No blacklisted search engine has detected the website. 
  • The official website mentions all information related to the policies and contact numbers.
  • It is present on social media platforms. 
  • Varieties of products are available at reasonable prices at Ourcarrt under one roof. 

Cons to determine whether the website is legit or not! 

  • Reviews are not available anywhere about Ourcartt.us on the official website and other websites. 
  • The website hides the owner’s identity through paid services. 

What are Ourcartt Reviews?

Reviews are very essential and crucial data for any website. As they are considered as the basic and legit source to determine the services and quality. But unfortunately, the official website lacks the customers’ feedback. Also, no trusted reviewing portal has accessed any feedback.

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We do not recommend this website; it looks like a scam, but we suggest you do proper research if you are thinking of getting anything from ourcartt. Ultimately it’s not a trustworthy website because of the low trust score. 

Also, it has a very low life expectancy and the website confirms “no” for the question: Is Ourcartt Legit! Did the details provided in this article help you understand better? Tell us in the comments below and inform others through this post. Also, click here to know how to Safeguard yourself against Paypal scams. 

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