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Is Tanimauk Legit {June 2022} Find Entire Review Here!

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Is Tanimauk Legit? The store has brought several commodities at a discounted rate. However, how safe is the store for general use? Read and know the facts.

This summer, do you want to bring a portable air conditioner? Do you think you should buy it from an online electronic shop? Are you confused about which shop will be better to purchase your requirement? Well, a shop sells portable air conditioners in the United Kingdom and other countries at a sensible price range.

Yes, a new site, namely Tanimauk, is catching the attention of online buyers with its great deals and service. But, the point is- Is Tanimauk Legit

In this informative writing, we will be exploring the portal and its service reliability.

Determination of trustability factor of Tanimauk shop:

The shop isn’t only a mobile air conditioner retail site, but also it has various other commodities. Therefore, it’s confirmed that the seller manufactures several categories of products. Now, when it comes to its service checking, trustability rating is one of the most important checks we need to perform. Here in this segment, we are giving you precise data about its legitimacy.

  • Trust Ratings: It is ‘1 percent.’
  • Address Checking: Location is unclear if the website’s office is situated here or not.
  • Reviews: No Tanimauk Reviews.
  • Social Network: The network hyperlink is missing.
  • Dead Links: No hyperlinks are present which are broken.
  • Plagiarized Content: 8 percent duplicate content and 37 percent similar content.
  • Operator Data: According to the official notification, the operating company is Tanimauk.
  • Domain Age: More than 3 months, the date of establishment is 3rd April 2022.
  • Site’s Domain Name: tanimauk.com
  • Skipped Pages: Presence of 2 pages.

Hence, the store is new, and it has not created a brand name in this competitive market. Additionally, is it legit or not can’t be specified as further investigation is needed.

What is the Tanimauk store?

Is Tanimauk Legit? The site advertises itself as a portable air conditioner seller; however, several different kinds of commodities are also available. Products such as furniture, outdoor garden furniture, smart handbags, clutches, hair styler and dryer, stylish photo frames, etc., are available on this site. All the products can be obtained in the ‘Product’ option, which is given at the top section of the site.

The site’s design is not good as the shop’s categories are not available. The product page has stock details, descriptions, and feature details, with every necessary information. The price is also low as discounts are going on.

Specifications Following Tanimauk Reviews:

  • Links: https://tanimauk.com
  • Reviews: Reviews do not exist.
  • Location Details: 60-Market Way, England-CV3P 7DX, United Kingdom
  • Corporate Number: It is 7360 253778.
  • Official Email: The mail ID is londonuk1852@gmail.com
  • Cancellation Policy: The operator did not share any information on the cancellation policy. 
  • Shipping Policy: The delivery timing is given, which is approx 5 to 8 days. 
  • Costs: The owner is offering 0 costs delivery on every product, regardless of the price of the product.
  • Refund Details: The process information is not specified, like the duration time is not given.
  • Is Tanimauk Legit: The shop’s legitimacy has not been detected.
  • Return Process: As per the process details, the legit time is around 1 month.
  • Exchange Methods: The method is legit for the damaged items.
  • Payment Gateways: Discover, Visa, American Express, Master Card, etc.


  • Various types of products are being displayed inside the store.
  • Several money payment options.
  • Free shipment, regardless of the product price.
  • Secure HTTPS protocol is available.


  • The policy regarding cancellation is not available.
  • Absence of community profiles.
  • Absence of reviews.
  • Presence of piracy content.

Users’ reviews on ‘Is Tanimauk Legit’:

The site has not gained a single review; along with this, there is no information on the weblogs. The site doesn’t even have any connection with social media. Therefore, it’s clear the site’s promotion hasn’t been made on time.

So, we find the need for online promotion on social platforms and other weblogs. Additionally, know the steps of getting refunds on PayPal.

Concluding Verdict:

The site is the latest made, and its trustability score is also low. Furthermore, the reviews are also not available, and the social connection between the site and other platforms is not obtainable. So, Is Tanimauk Legit? It’s not confirmed. Also, read the steps for claiming refunds on credit cards. Is this article helpful? You can mention it in the review section.

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