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Paradox Crypto Price: Is This Coin Scam? Find All The Relevant Details!

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Paradox Crypto Price has given details of the DeFi coin that has attracted investors’ and gamer’s attention.

Have you missed the opportunity to participate in the biggest Mataverse launch this year? Is online gaming and investment in crypto coin activities interesting to you? Crypto investors and gaming enthusiasts in the United Kingdom and the United States were searching for the latest update on Paradox coin.

The Paradox token ended two of its pre and IDO sales on the 16th of November 2022 and is going for exchange launch on the 17th November. People unable to get this coin during pre-sale can buy it from an exchange after knowing the Paradox Crypto Price.

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Details of Paradox Metaverse Token:

Paradox Metaverse is seen as the biggest crypto coin launch of the year and has completed its pre-sale activities. It is based on the play and earn concept, where players and investors can come together and make money for themselves. The gaming platform has used blockchain technology to create a Metaverse for gaming and other activities.

Players can complete the mission in the game and earn rewards that can be converted into fiat currency. Paradox will also conduct events throughout the year, hosting A-list artists. The ticket for YouTube events and live game concerts can be purchased in Paradox tokens.

Paradox Crypto Coin Price, Market cap, and supply:

The Paradox token will be listed on the Huobi exchange on the 17th of November as its two initial DEX offerings and pre-sale have ended. Some of the essential data of the coin from IDO and pre-sale are listed below.

  • Token pre-sale price – .027 dollar
  • Token IDO sale price – .03  dollar
  • Total raised money – $ 4,660,000
  • Market cap –  $ 381,000
  • Total supply – 1,000,000,000
  • Circulating supply – 12,700,000

Its NFT collection is available on a platform like OpenSea and LooksRare. The floor price of the NFT collection is $240, and only NFT holders can earn a $ Para coin.

Is Paradox Crypto Scam?

The YouTuber iShowSpeed got into trouble after it collaborated with the Paradox Metaverse. Many of his fans in the United Kingdom and the United States started blaming the star for promoting the Para coin as they suspected it to be a scam. Some internet users find the price of currencies inflated and question the $500 dollar-a-week scheme for playing games for hours per day.

Fans see Paradox Metaverse not as a long-term scam but as a pump-and-dump scheme to fool innocent and jobless people. Crypto coin is a high-risk investment, and people must research Paradox Crypto Coin before committing money to it. People must research for this crypto before committing money to it. 

How to buy Para Crypto Coin?

The coin was listed on the Huobi crypto exchange on 17th November, and people interested in buying Para can follow the below steps.

  • Download any crypto wallet and open an account with a unique username.
  • Investors will need to purchase Ethereum with fiat money accepted by the exchange.
  • Prepare for extra fees for transactions on the Ethereum platform.
  • Swap desired number of Para coins for a given ETH.

Who is the founder of Paradox Metaverse?

The Para token is created by Paradox Studios Ltd and has a presence on social media sites like Telegram, Twitter, Discord, and Medium. 

Live Paradox Crypto Price:

The currency’s launch has become controversial as people question its various schemes. The YouTuber iShowSpeed faced backlash for promoting the coin and bringing Ronaldo to duplicate on his platform for the event.

The coin got listed on exchange a few hours back, and we cannot get the live price of the Para token.

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Cryptocurrency assets are volatile, and some projects are launched to scam innocent investors. People must research Para coin before making an investment in the currency as its price is inflated, and internet users are terming it as a pump and dump project, and can check the details for best cryptocurrency in 2023.  

What are your opinions? Please comment. 

Paradox Crypto Price: FAQs

Q.1  Which company owns the Para Metaverse coin?

         Paradox Studios Ltd owns the para coin.

Q.2   Which exchange is launching a Para coin?

        Huobi exchange is launching the Para Metaverse token.

Q.3   Name of YouTuber facing backlash for Para promotion?

         iShowSpeed is a YouTube star facing backlash for promoting Para coin.

Q.4   What events will be conducted on Para Metaverse?

          Live game in and YouTube boxing events will be in Para Metaverse.

Q.5   What is the contract address of Para coin?

          0xA64c055Fc5C8e0D796f791512025827653640f03 is the contract address of the para token.

Q.6   What is the current market cap of Paradox Crypto Coin?

          Para token market cap is $ 381,000

Q.7   How much is the company paying per week to play the game for a few hours daily?

         The company is paying $500 a week for playing games every day.

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