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This research on Percy Lapid Biography will tell you about the reason for his death of Percy. Kindly read it below.

Who is Percy Lapid? Why did he lose his life? You may have several questions in your mind but might not get any answer. But, today, we will clarify all the interrogations of people in the Philippines. This post will discuss Percy Lapid Biography and the reason for his death. 

If you want to know more about this journalist, you must go through this post till the end, and you will get all the answers.

Biography: Percy Lapid

Percy Lapid was a well-known journalist and commentator born on October 25, 1955, in Porac, Pampanga. This man completed his elementary schooling in 1968 at Porac Central School. His secondary education was finished in 1972 at St. Catherine’s Academy. He was featured in a radio program on January 7, 2012, named ‘Lapid Fire with Percy Lapid’, and recently he was engaged in another radio program and was a commentator at DWBL. 

Percy Lapid Latest News, Read Here

Recently, Percy was shot dead. As per reports, he died in front of PF Resort Village. The incident took place on Monday night in Las Pinas, Talon Dos. Leni Roberto (the former vice president), the PTFOMS, and Robin Padilla Aguior, a senator, issued an official statement on his death. 

According to their statement, two unidentified gunmen who came by riding a motorcycle shot him. As per sources, the PTFOMS official statement said their team would not rest until the culprits were caught for this heinous and monstrous act. However, no justification for this killing has been cleared yet. 

Percy Lapid Wikipedia

We have researched a lot, but Wikipedia has not provided details on this columnist and commentator. We will update you as soon as the officials publish details on Wikipedia. But, other online sources have revealed his identity and birth date. Although we have previously discussed Percy’s birth date and education details, you must refer to the respective stanza. 

Important Details On Percy Lapid 

We have discussed some valuable details on Percy Lapid that show more about his life. So, kindly read:

  • Birth Date: October 25, 1955
  • Elementary Schooling: Porac Central School (1968)
  • Percy Lapid Real Name: Percy Mabasa (as per online source) 
  • Work-Life: Commentator at DWBL radio station; Featured in radio program show ‘Lapid Fire with Percy’ 
  • Popularity: Owns a YouTube channel and has 2 lakhs plus subscribers. 
  • Secondary School: St. Catherine’s Academy (1972)
  • Death: October 3, 2022
  • Reason for Death: Two unidentified Gunmen riding on a motorcycle shot him at PF Resort Village. 
  • Are the culprits under custody? PTFOMS team has not caught the culprits yet. They are trying their best to handcuff them.
  • Effect of Percy’s murder: #JusticeforPercyLapid started trending on social media; netizens expressed outrage and killers should not be left unpunished.
  • Percy Lapid Age: Around 66 years old according to his date of birth.

Netizen’s Reaction After This Murder

People are angry and express outrage in the country. Many popular personalities like Padilla and the former vice president expressed condolences to the family. His fans demanded that justice must be served immediately. Many hashtags like #JusticeforPercyLapid started trending online. He has a lovable personality, and his fans cannot keep quiet until the perpetrators are punished. Padilla said that the killers should not go unpunished. 

Evidences Cops Collected

SPD targeted an accomplice of a Fortuner who rear-ended Percy’s Innova. Following this, two motorcyclists came and shot him and fled. As Per Percy Lapid Biography details, cops also found CCTV footage. It was also uploaded online on Facebook. It showed that police were checking Percy’s car, Innova, with number NGS 8294. Lapid was also taken to a hospital, but he was dead.

What could be the reason for murder?

As per sources, the motive for this murder is unknown yet, but Percy always criticized the administration of previous and current governments. He targeted many topics like extrajudicial killings and red-tagging. But, we cannot state any reason until the perpetrators are in custody. Only they are the ones who can tell the exact reason.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up this post on Percy Lapid Biography, we have discussed detailed information on the death of famous commentator Percy Lapid. His death has compelled the netizens to stand in his favour against injustice. We express condolences to his family and friends. We hope the culprits will be caught soon and justice will be served.

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