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Robbie Coltrane Cause Of Death Wiki: Find His Actual Death Reason: Check Is He Die Due To Cancer, Also Read About His Children!


This post on Robbie Coltrane Cause of Death Wiki will explain all the details related to Robbie’s death and his career.

Do you know Robbie Coltrane? Do you know he passed away? Citizens from Worldwide are shocked and heartbroken after hearing this news. Robbie Coltrane, also remembered as hagrid from the harry potter films, is no longer among us. This post will explain all the details related to Robbie Coltrane Cause of Death Wiki, so please keep reading.


What happened to Robbie Coltrane?

On 14th October 2022, Robbie was announced dead by the hospital at the age of 72. When Robbie felt sick, he was taken to Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Larbert, Scotland. He was later declared dead. Robbie’s British agent confirmed this heartbreaking news. She also said that Robbie had been feeling ill for a few days. 

Besides this, she said that his family does not declare the cause of his death. She requested privacy as she said that Robbie’s family is very disheartened after hearing this news. 

What Did Robbie Coltrane Die of Cancer?

After hearing about Robbie’s death, people from all around the world are very curious to know if Robbie died of cancer. However, we would like to inform you that Robbie’s family has not revealed the reason for his death. Besides this, Robbie suffered from osteoarthritis around 2016. He was suffering from constant pain from that disease. 

Later in 2019, Robbie was held in a wheelchair. It was also informed that Robbie was ill for about 2 years before his death. He suffered badly from his arthritis disease and took his last breath in October 2022. This was probably the Death Reason for the death of Robbie Coltrane.

What did Robbie say about the harry potter films?

In January 2022, HBO Max released a documentary named Return to Hogwarts, where they reunited all the actors of the harry potter series. It was celebrated as the 20th anniversary of the harry potter films. Robbie expressed his views on this and said he is very grateful for his role as hagrid. He also said that he might not be alive forever but hagrid will live in people’s hearts. He said that he spent around 10 years of his life in the harry potter series and is happy that this film will always be dear to everyone, no matter how much time flies. Read about Robbie Coltrane Cause of Death Wiki.

What did Daniel Redcliffe say about Robbie’s death?

The entire harry potter cast was heartbroken and posted about Robbie on various social media platforms. Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter in the film, said that Robbie was the funniest person and would entertain him when he was a kid. He also mentioned that he is incredibly lucky that he met Robbie. He also expressed grief by saying that he felt heartbroken when he heard about this news and said that Robbie was an excellent actor and a very kind-hearted man.

What did Emma Watson say about Robbie?

Emma Watson, who played Hermoine Granger in the harry potter series, also shared a tribute post on Robbie’s death. Read about Robbie Coltrane Cause of Death Wiki. She said that Robbie was the kindest person she knew and expressed that she was disheartened about Robie’s death. She also said that there cannot be a better Hagrid than Robbie. She said she would miss him and always keep him in her memories. 

How did the other members of the harry potter cast react to Robie’s death?

Harry Potter’s author JK Rowling posted a tweet on Twitter where she shared a picture of Robbie and her. She wrote that Robbie was incredibly talented and she was very lucky to work with him. Besides this, she paid her sincere condolences to his family. Learn about Robbie Coltrane Cause of Death Wiki. She also said that Robbie was very happy and would always make her laugh. Other than this, Tom Felton, who played the role of Draco Malfoy, posted a tweet and said that Robbie always cared for him and made everyone laugh effortlessly. 

What other celebrities paid tribute to Robbie Coltrane?

Concerning Robbie’s death, tributes are flowing on the internet from all around the world. Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, said it was very sad news. She appreciated Robbie’s acting skills and said he would always be a legend. James bond’s official Twitter account also posted a tweet appreciating Robbie and saying he was an exceptional actor. Read about Robbie Coltrane Cause of Death Wiki. Many other celebrities also paid tribute to Robbie and mentioned how he was an incredible actor and a legend.

Who is Robbie Coltrane?

Robbie’s real name is Anthony Robert McMillan. He was born on 30th March 1950 in Scotland. He was an incredible actor who had worked for numerous films for over a decade. The most famous role he performed was of hagrid in the harry potter films. Besides, he appeared in many other films like James Bond, and the world is not enough. He also received numerous awards like the evening standard British film award and was appointed as OBE by Queen Elizabeth II for the 2006 New York Honours. 


To end this post, we can conclude that Robbie was an excellent actor, and his legacy will remain forever in people’s hearts. We also want to send our sincerest condolences to Robbie’s family. Please click on this link to learn about Robbie Coltrane’s.

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Robbie Coltrane Cause of Death Wiki FAQs 

  1. Who was Robby Coltrane?

Robby Coltrane was a famous Scottish actor. He was famous for his role in the Harry Potter series as Hagrid.

  1. When did Robby Coltrane die?

Robby died on 14th October 2022

  1. How old was Robby Coltrane?

Robby was 72 years old.

  1. Was Robby suffering from some illness?

Robby has been suffering from an illness for about two years; however, the name of the illness is not revealed.

  1. How many films has Robby worked in?

Robby has worked in 100s of films and television projects.

  1. Did Robby Coltrane have Children?

Yes, Robby has two kids named Alice and Spencer.

  1. What is Robbie Coltrane’s real name?

Robbie’s real name is Anthony Robert McMillan.

  1. How did the public respond to Robbie’s death?

People are heartbroken after hearing about Robbie’s death. Many social media platforms have been filled with tributes and condolences.

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