What is the Most Common Spinal Surgery

What is the Most Common Spinal Surgery?


Spinal Surgery: The spinal cord of the human body is rightly called the backbone as it is in theory and practice the real pillar of support for the human form. The evolution of human beings is in the very fact that the spinal cord is erect in its form distinguishing humans from all other living beings. 

The importance and functionality of the spinal cord are undoubted as it is not only a beam of support and functionality but also a central nervous system component, giving rise to millions of nerves. 

Spine surgery hospitals in India help patients who have spinal cord injuries, disorders, and other issues about the spinal cord of the human body. Because of its neural sensitivity and its functionality in the body, the spinal cord serves purposes beyond its capacity, hence requiring much care and attention. 

Issues of the Spinal Cord

The spinal cord and the vertebral column together make the spine. The vertebral column is a chain-like structure that has a small box-like bone each intercepted by a disk. Amidst these bones, the spinal cord runs, a stream full of neurons and tissues with many important nerves. 

These nerves are the primary stimulus-response system of the body and help the body in deciphering the various environmental stimuli such as heat, cold, shock, touch, etc. 

The spinal cord and the vertebral column is a delicate structure and therefore needs to be taken care of in the highest manner. It can be prone to accidental damage, bone damage, or neural damage due to various factors such as genetics, age, weight, the strain placed on the spine, or injury. 

Below is a list of spinal cord injuries and issues that are most prevalent in human beings:

  • Herniated Disk

The most common issue with the spine is the inflammation and swelling of the lumbar disks in the spinal cord. The herniated disk is diagnosed for its severity and based on which the treatment course is decided by the specialists in Spine Surgery Hospitals in India.

  • Acute Spinal Cord Injury

Accidental damage and excessive strain on the spinal cord can result in acute spinal cord injury in patients. Treatment course often includes surgeries, medication, and rehabilitation, and even then complete recovery may not be possible in all cases.

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

A very severe kind of disease that causes the neurons in the spinal cord and the brain to degenerate and waste away. There is no real treatment or cure for this disease. It is often called Lu Gehrig’s disease. The only method to manage this disease is rehabilitation and management with medicines

Most common Spine Surgery

The most common spinal surgery in India is usually done for the Herniated disk or the Lumbar Disk Disease. In this disorder, the disks become swollen and inflamed causing the muscle nearby to become stiff and inflexible. This often is a result of ageing where the bones become weak and porous. 

Osteoporosis can also lead to herniated discs in older adults. The spinal fluid also may dry up and make the flexibility of the spine impossible. A herniated disc is cured by laser-based surgeries where a small needle is placed in the spine and a plasma laser device heats the area and vaporizes the inflamed tissue. 

In severe cases, an artificial disc is placed by removing the herniated disk. This is the most suitable course of treatment in severe cases of lumbar disk disease.

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