Complete Information About Technology and the Society 2022 - Its Facts and Controversy

Technology and the Society 2022 – Its Facts and Controversy


Society was the source of technology. Technology got everything it needed to grow and advance. Many will argue that technology gave everything back too. Society is a key component of technology, and technology can help society develop and improve its capabilities. Although the relationship appears cordial, is one of them unfairly exploiting another?

Technology is part of society. Technology is in society. Technology blossoms because society contributes human and material resources. Technology has blossomed, it is obvious. Technology has taken and continues to take away society’s growth opportunities. This is the point of discourse.

Is Technology’s Negative Impact on Societal

First, it is important to note that technology’s negative image was largely due to its societal use. Many of the negative effects of technology, which include pollution and the depletion evident of non-renewable resources around the globe, were not intended. These effects were triggered by the increased use of technology.

These were unanticipated and they are deeply regretted. They take from society as much as they give. Because of technology’s total dependence on society, it is almost impossible to withdraw these processes from society.

Technology was primarily about simplifying human life. Technology was about maximizing resources in order to control the immediate environment and all its processes.

Information has become everywhere, communication is easier than ever, and society’s quality of life has increased. Technology has allowed establishments to expand across continents and have made sports more profitable.

Technology is Major Threats as Global Warming or Pollution 

Technology has also created many forms of danger. One could name two major threats as global warming or pollution. There is also the matter of all the negative effects that the internet can have on our lives.

Each new technology seems to have its own set of problems with waste management that society struggles to manage. It is well-documented that all types of waste can have harmful consequences.

Technology is Incapable of Solving All the Problems

It seems that technology is incapable of solving all the problems that it has created. Many see this as a failure of technology. These dangers are often caused by technology being used in society.

It is difficult for society to blame technology’s shortcomings. Even with all these arguments, it is tempting to ask if the two concepts can be separated.


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