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This article provides details about the Reality competition to know What Is Drag Race Philippines and more about its Finalist. Follow our blog to know more.  

Are you witnessing all the episodes of the Drag race competition? Are you aware of the finalists of the reality competition? If not, this article is all you need to follow. The episodes of this reality competition show remain pretty interesting. This television series is broadcasted from the Philippines.

Today in this article, we will focus on all the information to understand What Is Drag Race Philippines and further updates on the queens making it to the grand Finale. Follow the blog below to know further.

Details on Drag Race Philippines:

Drag Race Philippines is a T.V series in the Philippines. This series was telecasted on 17th August 2022. This reality competition series is said to be the alternative to Rupaul’s Drag Race. The series features 12 drag queens who will be competing for the title.

The series is telecasted in two languages, including English and Tagalog. The latest T.V series is directed by Fifth Solomon and presented by Paolo Ballesteros. The Judges of this reality competition series include Jiggly Caliente, Paolo Ballesteros and Kalad Karen.

As per reports, the latest television series has completed up to nine episodes, and all its episodes were pretty interesting. The ninth episode was a decider of the finalists. In the ninth episode, contestants were asked to make a music video on the “Champion” made by RuPaul. 

The contestants were further asked to discuss their Journey in this show till now. After the ninth episode, among the remaining five contestants, Minty Fresh and Xilhouete were eliminated. In contrast, the remaining three contestants became the Finalist, including Precious Paula Nicole, Marina Summers and Eva Le Queen.

Who can be the Winner of the Drag Race Philippines?

The latest T.V series has been pretty interesting and has currently reached the Finale. As per reports, one among the three finalists could be the Winner. The ninth episode of this series was one of the best episodes of all other episodes. The ninth episode featured five contestants, including Minty Fresh, Xilhouete, Precious Paula Nicole, Marina Summers and Eva Le Queen.

The contestants were asked to make a music video on “Champion” made by RuPaul and were further told to discuss their Journey till now in this show. After witnessing their music video and the reply of the contestants on their Journey, the judges decided on the Contest’s Finalist.

To discuss more about the series, as this series is available in English, people can get Ep 1 Watch Online Free. Overall, 12 contestants participated in this show; only three were left after the ninth episode after the elimination of Minty Fresh and Xilhouete. The Finalist includes Precious Paula Nicole, Marina Summers and Eva Le Queen. One among the three could win the title in this show which can be witnessed in the next episode of this series.

Further information on drag race Philippines:

The Reality competition show started on a high note on 17th August 2022. There were twelve contestants who participated in this series to win the title, including Eva Le Queen, Marina Summers, Xilhouete, Precious Paula Nicole, Brigiding, Minty Fresh, Turing, Prince, Corazon, Vinas Deluxe, Lady Morgana, and Gigi Era. 

As per the Wiki of the Reality competition series, the show has completed nine episodes and finally reached the Finale, leaving only three contestants: Eva Le Queen, Marina Summers and Precious Paula Nicole. In the ninth episode, there were only five contestants left. Among the five contestants, two were eliminated, including Xilhouete and minty fresh, whereas Xilhouete won the lip-sync.

To talk more about the T.V series, it is said to be the alternative to RuPaul’s Drag Race. The beginning theme of this reality competition was RuPaul’s Drag Race, whereas the ending theme of this series is Rock It (To the Moon). This was the first season of Drag Race Philippines and has been pretty interesting.

Information to know What Is Drag Race Philippines?

The Reality Competition series has eventually come down to the ending episodes. In the last episode, fans got their finalists, including Eva Le Queen, Marina Summers and Precious Paula Nicole. One among them is expected to win the title, which people can find out in the next episode of Drag Race Philippines.

Summing up:

The latest television series starring Drag Race Philippines has been pretty impressive till now and has come down to the last episodes where people can find the winner of this reality competition. To get more details about Drag Race Philippines, click on this link. This article provides entire details to know What Is Drag Race Philippines.

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