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Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Full 4chan : Itsfunnydude11 Twitter, Reddit & Instagram Trending !


This post on the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Full 4chan will inform you about 4chan and Itsfunnydude11 who leaked private pictures.

Did you watch the leaked photos and videos of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team? If you have watched such videos and photos, kindly do not share such pictures as it is a crime some people had uploaded their private photos on their social media which made it a matter of gossip Worldwide. This post on Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Full 4chan will inform the readers on the account that has uploaded their pictures without the permission of the team.

Kindly stay tuned with us to know everything about this incident. Let us start this research.


Did 4chan Leaked Wisconsin’s Private Pictures?

As per the reports, the officials have found several accounts that have published private photos and videos of the players. 4chan on Reddit was one of them. We have searched for this account on Reddit, but we were unable to reach the account as it was already suspended. It showed a message of ‘Page Not Found’ which means that it was suspended. 

Itsfunnydude11 Twitter

As per our research, we have found that another user with the username, Itsfunnydude11, has also uploaded private pictures of team members of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team. We have also checked that account on Twitter  but it was also removed and suspended. Till now, two such accounts have been discovered that shared their pictures of the players. And both of them were suspended. It is not a matter that can be taken for granted, but strict actions must be taken against them as they have gone against the policies of the University. The screenshot of their accounts has been shared below. Kindly refer to them.

Itsfunnydude11 Reddit

The person holding the account with username Itsfunnydude11 has not only shared images and videos on Twitter, but also uploaded it on Reddit  But, similar to a Twitter account, the official Reddit account was also dismissed after it was found guilty. The account is removed and the page is unfound. The investigation team is still making a lot of efforts to reach the holders. For now, only these two usernames, 4chan and Itsfunnydude11 have been revealed. More details are yet to be released online.

Why are people discussing Itsfunnydude11 and 4chan?

People are talking about these two accounts as after the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Full 4chan, they have become more trending. Not only 4chan but Itsfunnydude11 was also blamed for this wrongdoing. As a result, the action was taken against them. Their account on Twitter and Reddit were suspended immediately. 

Wisconsin Volleyball Team: Latest Update!

According to online sources, every news channel and other online platform is covering the news of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team because the pictures that were not meant to be publicized were leaked by some unauthorized account holders. The pictures were taken privately by the players after they won the Big Ten Championship. This made them be on the top of the town. Due to this, the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Full 4chan is trending nowadays.

The UW Authority on Wisconsin Incident!

This incident is now the talk of the nation. The UW Authority also issued a post on Twitter on October 19, 2022, that clarifies the concern of the UW Authority for their students. They have written that it is their main responsibility to give the best assistance, resources, and services to their teammates. The team has started their inquiry on this matter and the investigation is still going on. The investigation is at its peak and the team is not delaying the matter and picking other incidents also that happened till now. 

The reaction of Players after Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Full 4chan

The students did not take this matter carelessly and took immediate action by reporting it to the officials of UWPD. The Police Department of UW Madison had paid full attention and assured them of security on this matter. The students have not taken this incident for granted and tried to focus more on it.


The readers can know more on the volleyball Statistics  and what is the latest update on it. 

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Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Full 4chan: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which accounts were suspended till now?

Ans. As per reports, two accounts 4chan and Itsfunnydude11 have been found guilty of uploading private pictures of Players of Wisconsin. 

 Q.2 On what platforms, they have uploaded photos?

Ans. The two account holders were responsible for uploading images and videos on Reddit and Twitter. 

Q.3 What is the latest update on Wisconsin Volleyball Team?

Ans. The private pictures of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team have been posted online on Reddit and Twitter. 

Q.4 When were these pictures clicked? 

Ans. According to sources, these pictures were clicked after they won the Big Ten Match.

Q.5 Why is Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Full 4chan trending?

Ans. A user with the account username 4chan has leaked the personal pictures of student-athletes on Twitter. People are talking and trying to reach this account, but it has been suspended.

Q.6 Was 4chan and Itsfunnydude11 suspended temporarily?

Ans. There is no clarification till now if the accounts were disabled permanently or temporarily.

Q.7 What was the Badger’s position in the game?

Ans. Badgers were placed in the fifth position.

Q.8 What was the UW Authority’s reaction to this matter?

Ans. After they acknowledged this matter, they told that they will investigate this matter on Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Full 4chan properly and the security of the students is in their hands. They will put their best efforts to provide good services.

Q.9 When did the Wisconsin team win the match?

Ans. The student-athletes won the title of Big Ten last year in November 2021. 

Q.10 Was the incident against the University Laws?

Ans. Yes, it was against the rules and laws of the University.

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