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“Write for Us” + Crypto Guest Post: Guidelines 2023!


Read the complete guidelines if you want to share your Crypto knowledge with our viewers by “Write for Us” + Crypto Guest Post.

Recently in India, legislation was passed legalizing Cryptocurrency trade. Third-world countries that once doubted Bitcoin are not stepping forward to gain profits from the Crypto market. However, the Terra Luna crash this year proved the Crypto market volatile. 

Hence, there is a need to provide immense knowledge via Write for Us” + Crypto Guest Post to our global audience for correct investment decisions and to know about Cryptos. Let’s check its guidelines.

About Standardresearchjournals.org:

We are a knowledge-based commercial online website publishing exclusive information on the latest topics. 

Standardresearchjournals.org publishes in-depth insight related to bitcoin, blockchain, businesses, Cryptocurrency, currency exchange, finance, investment, money, entrepreneurship, gaming tips, health, industry, Cbd, Law (or) legal, education, news, real estate, technology, travel, vehicles, website and product reviews, Etc.

To support our global viewers via Write for Us+Crypto for investing in the Crypto market, we are providing a complete knowledge based on Crypto.

The skillsets of Crypto posts writer:

The writer should have good knowledge of Cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens, blockchains, exchanges, slippages, market statistics, trends and data. The writer should be able to independently research topics related to Crypto + Write for Us. The Crypto post writer should have excellent written communication skills.

Qualifications of Crypto posts writer:

We are not specific about the educational background (or) graduation degree; as Crypto investment can be dealt with by individuals having versatile backgrounds. Experience in the Crypto market and as a guest post writer (or) blogger is valuable.

General guidelines for “Write for Us” + Crypto posts:

  • The content should focus on Cryptocurrency topics only,
  • The write-up should include an introduction, conclusion, and FAQs,
  • The article should not include any advertisement links,
  • The word limit of the post should not exceed 1,000 words,
  • Reliable sources of information should be used for driving factual information,
  • The source of information should be accessible for later reference,
  • “Write for Us”+Crypto must include the performance of Crypto in the past 6-months, information about its founders, organizations and exchanges supporting Crypto should be mentioned,
  • Statistical and numeric data should be provided accurately,
  • Reference links should be included in the content, and
  • You need to include two (or) more non-copyrighted images related to your article.

SEO Guidelines for Crypto + “Write for Us” posts:

  • Content should be organized using bullet points, subheads, and headings,
  • Sentences should be written in passive voice,
  • Offensive and disrespectful words should be excluded,
  • Keywords should be placed consistently,
  • The content should have a high readability score,
  • Information should not be redundant and repetitive,
  • The article should be evaluated to avoid plagiarism,
  • “Write for Us” + “Crypto” posts should be free from grammatical errors,
  • One external link should be included, and
  • Two do-followup links should be included.

Topics related to Crypto:

  • Launch of a Crypto,
  • Crypto’s founders and their experience,
  • Partnership, sister concerns, and organization backing Crypto,
  • Concept and algorithms,
  • How does Crypto operate,
  • Percentage of allocation and reserves,
  • Crypto Write for Us on Price and market statistics,
  • Crypto price predictions,
  • How to buy Crypto, its slippages, wallets, and exchanges,
  • Multiverse and crossplatforms to use Crypto
  • When to invest in Crypto, staking, liquidating, Etc.


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Advantages of writing for standardresearchjournals.org:

  • Attracts more views for your Crypto post. 
  • Let’s you expand your influence, network and presence on the internet. 
  • You can build long-lasting customer relationships with our global audience.
  • Our platform offers a newsletter option for users, guaranteeing that they consistently receive our periodic updates. This makes it simpler to get in touch with people, and guest post contributors will also get a lot of web impressions, as we get for our other articles

Submitting Crypto guest post:

Please submit Crypto posts for review and publication to cantactjournal@gmail.com. We reserve the right to modify and delete unwanted content from your posts. Before publishing your Write for Us Crypto, our editorial team will contact you.


To provide the latest and necessary information to our global audience, the writer should have excellent written communication and research skills. You need not hold a specific educational qualification (or) degree to write a Crypto post for our platform. However, experience in the Crypto market and as a blogger (or) guest post writer will be considered.

Were the guidelines for Write for Us” + Crypto Guest Post informative? Please comment below on the Crypto guest post.

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