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Write For Us” + Cryptocurrency Guest Post – Read 2023


This post on “Write for Us” + Cryptocurrency Guest Post will help you to know the guidelines of our website.

Do you know how to deal with Cryptocurrency? Can you suggest others to deal in Cryptocurrency with your ideas? You can write a guest post on “Write for Us” + Cryptocurrency Guest Post for Standard Research Journals. It is a well-known website for sharing information on several topics. You can know how to write a guest post for Standard Research Journals as we will share proper guidelines here in this post.

About Standard Research Journals

Standard Research Journals is an online website that guides readers on several topics related to news, games, website reviews, entertainment, the stock market, cryptocurrency, product reviews, and many more. 

Guidelines for “Write for Us” + Cryptocurrency

Here we suggest some fruitful guidelines that guide the contributors on the ways to write the guest post. Kindly read these guidelines for your reference.

  • Make sure that the content has a 90% readability score. It will increase the number of visitors and they will love reading your content.
  • You must verify the content on Grammar checker tools. Kindly rectify all the grammatical errors in your content if any.
  • The contributors knowing Cryptocurrency + Write for Us must write on relevant facts related to cryptocurrency only. No invaluable information must be included.
  • The contributors must remember to attach the external link after 80% of the content. 
  • The spam count of external links cannot go beyond 2-3 percent. Maintain the limit of spam rate.
  • Highlight the primary or secondary keywords in blue. You can also maintain the gap between the keywords of 90-110 words.
  • The external link should be green and bold. 
  • “Write for Us”+Cryptocurrency must have an attractive title and it should be SEO-friendly. 
  • Check your content on free plagiarism tools. You should not have any amount of copied words from other sources.
  • Avoid using unethical words in the content. It is not permitted to write any vulgar or offensive linguistics. 
  • The crux of the primary keyword must be fulfilled so that the meaning and intention of the primary keyword are justified.

Publish with Write for Us”+Cryptocurrency  submission rules

  • Write about the significance of cryptocurrencies and discuss the advantages of blockchain technology.
  • To pique readers’ interest, content should include a catchy headline and bullet points in the subheading.
  • Guest pieces have to be composed of brief paragraphs and phrases.
  • Filler and repetitious language use may result in rejection.
  • False information will not be accepted by Opensquares.org.
  • A guest post may include no more than 2% passive voice. The writing style required is active voice.

Topics to be included in the Write for Us Cryptocurrency

  • What is Cryptocurrency?
  • How to deal with Cryptocurrency?
  • Benefits of dealing in Cryptocurrency
  • Importance of Cryptocurrency in digital payment
  • Different types of Cryptocurrency
  • Best Cryptocurrencies to deal with
  • Top 10 Cryptocurrencies

This is a brief list of some valuable topics that are popular nowadays. The contributors must search for the topics that are trending and the readers wish to read. So, select a good topic.

Who can send Write for Us + Cryptocurrency?

If you are a researcher who can do in-depth research and write readable and fruitful content, then you can write a guest post. Also, other people who wish to build their writing skills can send guest posts. The contributors can be a doctor, teachers, writers, homemakers, students, sportspersons, brokers, employers, and anyone who has good knowledge of writing content. You all can send the “Write for Us” + “Cryptocurrency” for our website. 

Benefits of writing for our website

Our website offers several advantages to the contributors. One always thinks that what kind of benefits they will get if they write for our page. But, you always get something in return. Kindly go through the advantages one gets by writing a guest post on Write for Us+Cryptocurrency

  • Our page has mass reachability.
  • They get more than 1000 daily views on the posts. So, your content will get noticed by popular publishers too.
  • You will learn more about Search Engine Optimization and other topics.
  • We post SEO-friendly content that gives a good ranking to your content.
  • We have a good SERP ranking. 

How to send Cryptocurrency Write for Us

You can send your guest post at this cantactjournal@gmail.com. We will reach the contributors once our editors and publishing team has reviewed your content. One should wait for at least one day for our response. Out TAT (Turn Around Time) to publish a guest post is 24 hours. We request the contributors to not share the identical guest post on Cryptocurrency + “Write for Us” with other publishers as it will be considered a duplicate. So, make sure you send the first copy of the article.


Summing up this post, the readers who wish to share guest posts must research properly on Cryptocurrency Our website, , will give you mass exposure. So, start sending your guest post to us so that we can review your content and respond to you as soon as possible.

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