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“Write For Us” + Education Guest Post: Read Guidelines


If you are interested in the “Write for Us” + Education Guest Post, you must read the writing guidelines before you start to write education guest posts.

Do you have the skills to write informative content? Are you looking for a platform to share your educational content with students? All teachers and educators are invited to write education guest posts for us and start their blogging careers at the leading online platform. 

Standard Search Journals is the platform that can help showcase your blogging skills and offer global exposure to your work. But, before you start writing for us education guest posts, you must know the writing guidelines and submission rules. 

To kick-start, your guest posting career, continue reading the rules to Write for Us” + Education Guest Post.

About the Website – Standard Search Journals!

Standard Search Journals is an online platform offering informational and updated guest posts and blogs on different topics and subject matters. The website is continuously updated with new guest posts, reviews, news articles, and blog posts. 

The website shares updated reviews, news, blogs, and guest posts on different domains and subject matters. Recently, the website has added a new section for education guest posts and looking for authors and content contributors for updated and original education guest post opportunities. 

“Write for Us” + Education Guest Post – What Are We Looking For?

As you know about the platform, it is time to know what we are looking for. The website specializes in news, reviews, blogs, and education guest post. The website aims to update the readers with the latest updates and news related to education. 

Anyone with the skills to write on education is invited to “Write for Us” + Education blogs, news articles, reviews on educational products, and more. However, the content contributors and authors are requested to have some abilities and skills to deliver quality, informative, top-ranked, and unique guest posts for the website. 

The website also accepts the latest educational news and reviews on educational products. 

Write for Us Education Guest Post Writing Guidelines 

If you are interested in writing education guest posts for us, check the writing guidelines before you start. Following the guidelines is important to avoid the rejection of guest posts. 

  • The guest posts you will write must be free from duplicate content. Plagiarism or copied content is not accepted. So, Write for Us + Education guest posts without duplicate content.  
  • The content must be relevant to the topic and free from fillers and keyword stuffing. 
  • The information used in the content must be informative, and any misleading information will not be entertained, as it will lead to content rejection. 
  • The word limit for each guest post is 700 to 1000 words. So, “Write for Us” + “Education” posts and blogs within the said word limit.  
  • For increased readability, guest posts must have relevant headings, subheads, bullet points, and other sections. It must have short sentences and paragraphs to make the content engaging and interesting. 
  • The content must be SEO-friendly with proper formatting. There must be sections for features, pros & cons, review, legitimacy, and proper conclusion in the Write for Us + Education content.
  • Above all, the blogs and guest posts must be submitted within the stipulated deadline.
  • Website with a spam score of more than 3% should not be used as link for the guest post.
  • Contributors should keep the keyword density between .75 to 1%.
  • Readability score of the content should be more than 90%.  

These are some of the guidelines that writers have to follow while writing for us education guest posts. Writers must follow each guideline to avoid the risk of content rejection.

Why Write for Us + Education Guest Posts?

There are many benefits to writing educational guest posts for us. Some of the benefits authors and bloggers can enjoy mentioned below. 

  • The guest post opportunity will help the author’s work to get global exposure, and it will help update their writing skills.
  • The Write for Us” + Education Guest Post opportunity will help increase the reach and get maximum traffic.   
  • Since we are a trusted platform, your content will gain credibility, and it will label you as an experienced writer. 
  • The opportunity will also help increase the chance of getting new writing opportunities.
  • Educational institution can write informative guest post for their targeted audience.

How to Submit Education Write for Us Guest Posts?

If you agree to write education guest posts for us, you may start writing in adherence to the writing guidelines. However, if you agree to the guidelines and want to write educational guest posts for us, learn how to submit the guest posts.

The official email is the only way to submit the “Write for Us” + Education Guest Post. The editorial team will review the content before submission and publish it on the platform. The authors and contributors will be notified via email after publishing their content.

So, after writing the guest post, contributors and writers must submit their work to the official email. 

How to Reach Us for Education + “Write for Us” Guest Posting?

Interested authors and writers who want to submit or write guest posts for us must reach the editor team at the official cantactjournal@gmail.com. The editorial team will get back within 24 hours and update the authors about the opportunity and the subject matter to cover. 

Writers can “Write for Us” + Education Guest Post and submit it within the stipulated deadline at the official email.   

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