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“Write For Us” + Health Paid Guest Post: Guidelines!


“Write for Us” + Health Paid Guest Post has details of guidelines and topics required for writing a health blog on Standardresearchjournals.org.

Are you searching for a website seeking a health guest blog for a global audience? Do you write quality articles on health and want to share them with digital readers? Health post has contributed positively to the well-being of many individuals.

People can also share their journey of a health-related issue through our “Write for Us” + Health Paid Guest Post. Standardresearchjournals is looking for contributors from the health niche to submit a quality article on its website. Bloggers and writers will get access to 10000+ daily visitors by contributing to our guest blog.

About us: Standardresearchjournals.org

Standardresearchjournals publish regular content for the global audience under website reviews, cryptocurrency, and news niches. It has differentiated its digital platform by producing quality and unbiased “Write for Us”+Health Paid content for its readers. Currently, online shoppers and global news seekers are regular visitors to the website.

SRJ wants to diversify its readership and seeks guest post content under the health niche. Contribution from health experts and bloggers will add articles under different niches on our website and get a diverse audience. Thousands of regular visitors to our site will also get access to health content.

“Write for Us” + Health Paid Guidelines:

  • The length of content should be between 500 to 1000 words.
  • Writer should maintain the keyword density between .75 to 1%.
  • The guest post content should be free of grammatical errors with a Grammarly score of 98+; a screenshot of the score needs to be submitted with the blog.
  • We accept original and plagiarism-free content for the Health Paid + Write for Us post.
  • The contributor should follow the search engine optimization protocol to ensure a high organic ranking of the post.
  • One external and internal link should be attached to the post after 80% completion of the blog.
  • Websites with a spam score of greater than 3% should be avoided as links for the guest blog.
  • Contributors should select a title for the Write for Us+Health Paid content that catches the audience’s attention.
  • Heading and subheadings should contain relevant content under it.
  • The article should be written in simple language that every reader can understand.
  • The article should add value to the audience searching for it and keep them engaged till the end.
  • The article should be written appropriately and contain a title, heading, subheading, conclusion, and description.

Benefits of the Write for Us Health Paid blog to contributors:

  • They will get access to the global platform having 10000+ regular visitors.
  • The digital team will ensure high-value keywords for the article that will attract an audience to the post.
  • Guest posts will remain active on our website, ensuring regular traffic flow.
  • Websites dealing in health services can write informative articles for their targeted audience.
  • Bloggers and writers can check their writing skills by analyzing the guest post metrics.
  • Health experts and bloggers can share their knowledge with global audience.
  • Companies dealing in health products can educate the audience on their new products.

What type of Write for Us + Health Paid guest post is accepted by our Website? 

  • We accept an informative article that adds value to the audience searching for it.
  • Avoid adding content that is promotional and is designed for marketing products.
  • Content already published in the digital space should not be submitted for the guest blog.
  • Guest post articles should not be shared with another digital platform.
  • We accept post that are well-researched and are 100% original.

Who can contribute to the Health Paid Write for Us guest post?

  • Bloggers and writers from the health niche can write a blog for the guest post.
  • Health experts and practitioners can share their experience and expertise by writing a quality article.
  • A manufacturing company can share information about its product and generate awareness.
  • Websites dealing in health niche can write an article under guest blog initiative.
  • People can share their personal health recovery experience for the reader’s benefit.

Health Paid + “Write for Us” Topics:

There are various health topics that contributors can select for writing the guest post. Most writers will choose topics that will serve their target audience; we are giving some indicative topics for the contributors.

  • Information on health products.
  • Details and benefits of health equipment
  • Disease and their symptoms
  • Home remedies for different ailments.
  • Personal care for different diseases.
  • Details of different medicine and its uses and side effects.

How to submit Health Paid “Write for Us” guest post?

Healthcare experts and other contributors interested in writing health guest posts on our website can contact us at cantactjournal@gmail.com.


Bloggers and writers from the health industry can write guest posts on health topics on the Standardresearchjournals.org website and get connected with thousands of regular visitors coming on the platform. Contributors with any query related to the health guest blog  can contact the “Write for Us” + “Health Paid” team at the above e-mail.

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