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“Write For Us” + Legal Advice Guest Post: The 2023 Rules!


Read complete guidelines for “Write for Us” + Legal Advice Guest Post. Also, learn about topics, keywords, and article submission.

Legal advice is a sensitive field and differs from other law-related topics. While legal advice can be offered by a barrister, solicitor, or lawyer in criminal cases, advocates, lawyers, and field professionals offer legal advice in civil cases. Do you have an interesting case study to share? 

“Write for Us” + Legal Advice Guest Post allows you to spread your knowledge about legal advice. Hence, read its complete guidelines below.

About standardresearchjournals.org:

Standardresearchjournals.org is focused on providing authentic facts in articles published on its platform, unlike other knowledge-based platforms that do not filter fake information and rumors.

Standardresearchjournals.org publishes the latest news, “Write for Us”+Legal Advice, reviews, and articles related to trending topics. We want to provide a knowledge base for our global audience who want to read know complete information.

Required qualifications:

If you want to publish findings from a case study or litigation, you must be experienced in writing guest posts; a specific law degree or certification is not required to “Write for Us” + “Legal Advice”.

If you are providing legal advice, you need to understand that it should be given by a barrister, solicitor, lawyer, advocates, and professionals (such as tax professionals, Etc.). Hence, the required certification is preferable.

Required skill sets:

The writer should be able to understand the case scenario of Write for Us+Legal Advice posts. He should have highly accurate analyzing abilities. He should be able to independently research. Excellent written communication skills are a must.

SEO guidelines:

The legal advice guest post must be:-

  • 100% unique and free from plagiarism,
  • Organized using headings, bullet points, and subheads,
  • Free from redundancy and repetitive details,
  • “Write for Us” + Legal Advice posts should be based on accurate details from the source,
  • Free from fake information and rumors,
  • Include a do-followup link,
  • Free from offensive sentences and words,
  • Written in passive voice,
  • Presented with keywords placed at consistent density,
  • Easy to understand, engaging with a high readability score,

General guidelines for “Write for Us” + Legal Advice Guest Post:

The legal advice guest post must:-

  • Focus on topics related to legal advice only,
  • Include conclusion, FAQ, and introduction sections,
  • Not include any sponsored links,
  • Be submitted with three non-copyrighted images,
  • Reach a word limit between 1,000 to 1,500 words,
  • Include a reference link for the source of information.

SEO guidelines 

  • Once the article is 70% complete, the guest post author is prompted to add any internal or external links.
  • High SEO score keywords need to be included inside the article.
  • Based on how competitive they are, keywords are divided into primary and secondary categories. Both of these must be incorporated by writers on their article.

Advantages of Write for Us + Legal Advice on Standardresearchjournals.org:

  • On our platform, legal advice guest posts can reach more viewership and global reach.
  • Become more influential and expand your network on the internet.
  • You may initiate a long-lasting customer relationship with our readers.


Legal advice may cover topics related to advise on reviewing –

  • Documents, 
  • Individual will, 
  • Legal Advice Write for Us on lease papers, and 
  • Terms of an agreement.

Other topics may include advice on –

  • Mediating to resolve an issue,
  • Reach mutual understanding among disputing parties,
  • Preparing legal documents,
  • Negotiations,
  • Representing a client in court, Etc.


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Submitting guest posts:

Please submit your legal advice guest post to Email-ID. Standardresearchjournals.org reserves the right to delete or modify unwanted content of your “Write for Us” + Legal Advice Guest Post.


Please note that Legal Advice is different than legal information (provides/published legal facts), legal awareness (related to legal education/literacy), and law. Also, you will be liable for the information you provided in legal advice guest posts. Good communication skills and experience in writing guest posts are valuable. 

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