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“Write For Us” + Photography Guest Post: Protocol 2023!


This “Write for Us” + Photography Guest Post contains every pertinent regulation and detail concerning our publication opportunity for potential.  

Do you have a yearning desire to take pictures? Photographs can often catch amazing moments. Do you have any thoughts about writing about photography? We provide the ideal opportunity to embrace your interests and passions. You are allowed to create articles for us and impart your photography expertise.

The skills and methods needed to create a piece for our site are the focus of today’s article. To find out more concerning the Write for Us” + Photography Guest Post, kindly check the guide below.

Who are we?

standardresearchjournals.org is one of the coolest websites. We hope to keep readers informed of the latest developments by publishing several pieces across the globe. Our knowledgeable writers are skilled at providing the wider populace with up-to-date information. We post stuff on various subjects, such as photography, entertainment, goods, cryptocurrencies, etc.

We aim to provide new possibilities for any skilled individual to use our gateway to demonstrate their abilities and expertise on a big scale. Likewise, we also offer a unique choice for “Write for Us” + Photography blog post writing on our photography theme.

Where to begin writing?

Photography-based topics require writers to have a strong command of the English language. However, we demand “Write for Us” + “Photography” authors to have a specific set of competencies since we publish content on our portal. The essential qualities, which are given below, should be displayed by the contributor:

  • Your articles on photography must adhere to the proper format.
  • The author of a photography article could be a beginner or a seasoned pro.
  • Each potential Write for Us Photography article or blog post writer should possess a firm grasp of topics related to photography.
  • The author must have outstanding writing abilities if they write pieces about photography.
  • Writing one such article requires extensive study. Hence the contributor should be a skilled researcher.
  • Contributors who wish to write about photography-related topics should be fluent in English.
  • The photographic or Write for Us + Photography article needs to be written well so readers can understand it.
  • The writer must adhere to the fundamental guidelines for posting on photography.
  • Since a participant for a photography article can originate from any region or nation, we don’t place geographical barriers on contributors.

Guidelines that must be followed in “Write for Us”+Photography:

  • The writer should keep doing in-depth research on the chosen photography topic.
  • While composing a post about photography, make sure the headings are noticeable, and the post has a catchy title.
  • While composing a Photography Write for Us blog post, the word limit criterion of 800 to 1000 is acceptable.
  • In conclusion, a bold green external link of 1-3% is required.
  • Any transcriptions in your articles are strictly prohibited.
  • You must correct your article after you’ve finished writing it.
  • Since it isn’t allowed, your Photography + “Write for Us” post or article writing should be free of plagiarism. You are required to express your opinions in your posts.
  • Following the paragraphing format is crucial when creating an article about photography.
  • The creator of an article on photography can also include images that discuss other photos.
  • While blogging about photography or creating a Photography “Write for Us” post, keyword phrases or buzzwords should be employed sensibly and in the proper context.
  • Every keyword you include in your article needs to be separated by a reasonable amount of space.
  • While writing an article about photography, each keyword must be bolded in blue.
  • It would help if you had a proper ending to your writing.
  • Keyword density should be kept between .75 to 1% of the content length.
  • Active voice should be used for making more than 90% of the guest post content.
  • Readability score of the guest post should be above 90%.
  • SEO guidelines of the search engine should be followed whilw writing the guest blog.

How to approach us for Photography + Write for Us?

We encourage everybody who enjoys blogging on photography to look forward to this publication opportunity. If you are eager to submit a blog entry on photography on our website, please get in touch at cantactjournal@gmail.com. You may use this chance to show off your writing skills in Write for Us+Photography posts.


The opportunity to publish about photography provides each contributor with a fantastic chance to demonstrate their artistic talents and advance knowledge. You may compose an article about photography, double-check your work, and forward it to the authorized e-mail address provided. Additionally, you may click this link for information about the publishing opportunity in photography. 

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