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Write For Us Real Estate: Complete Guideline for 2023!


Scroll down our article to gather more information that will help you to know about Write for Us Real Estate guest posting.

Do you look for a genuine website where you can post your real estate post? Searching for websites with good DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority)? Have you ever heard about standardresearchjournals?

You might be looking for a website where you can meet with a worldwide audience by doing guest posting, as standardresearchjournals is a reputable platform. We suggest writers learn all of our terms and conditions before they create fresh content on Write for Us Real Estate. Now read all the essential points before you post your article.

Know about our Portal!

Our website is a reputable platform that has successfully gained traffic over different years, and it also has created a vast audience who used to read all types of articles to increase their knowledge. Some format that we follow to attract our viewer’s attention are as follow:

  • We create news articles, and here we discuss a celebrity’s salary, accidents and other trending facts that have been going over the world.
  • Through website review, we provide lots of information and help our viewers understand the legitimacy factors of the website by reading our advantages and disadvantages and other things.
  • We also publish product reviews to give our viewers direction so they can get products at the best price.

Now we have set up a plan to provide information to the viewers looking for a Write for Us + Real Estate guest post.


  • Your guest article on real estate must be entirely original and must not contain any errors.
  • Try hard to keep your guest post’s word count between 500 and 1000.
  • Simple language must be used in guest postings; complicated terms must be avoided.
  • The content must pass Grammarly with a minimum score of 98%
  • We advise writers to use the excellent Copyscape tool to get authentic plagiarism reports.
  • Content must include many subheadings to help users focus, and it will also increase website traffic.
  • Try to create your heading informatively; do not write any promotional Write for Us Real Estate.
  • Keep your guest post link spam score within 1 to 3 percent.
  • We only allow 5% or less passive voice in our guest blogs and always use the active voice.
  • Your content’s keyword density must range from 0.75 to 1%. The keywords will be bold and blue. 
  • The article will have 2 do-follow links and 2 no follow links.
  • Once writers have finished writing 80% of their Real estate-related guest posts, writers must include external links.
  • The external link has to be bolded and colored green.
  • We advise writers to use bullet points to make content more engaging.
  • Make short and eye-catching titles for your article. Also, make sure to write short paragraphs. It will attract a larger audience.
  • Do not use any aggressive words in your writing. Otherwise, our technical team will cancel your content. 
  • Use copyright free pictures in your article.
  • SEO guidelines have been created, and we want writers to follow them to optimize the content properly.

These are some of the selected guidelines we suggest every writer follow before submitting our team for posting.

Benefits of Write for Us Real Estate:

Now follow some expected benefits that every writer needs to know before they start guest posting on our website.

  • By doing guest posting on standardresearchjournals, your article may rank higher in search engine results pages.
  • Publishing articles on standardresearchjournals will increase traffic to your website.
  •  Guest writing on our standardresearchjournals will result in high-quality backlinks, enhancing your website’s domain and page authority.
  • The keyword you choose for your guest post will immediately rank. as our website positions.

Recommended topics forWrite for Us + Real Estate:

A few topics have been suggested to the writers, and we want them to check them, as it will help them to create relevant content easily.

  • Mortgage rate in recent years.
  • Housing loans and schemes.
  • Tips for property buyers.
  • Guidebook to follow before purchasing a property.
  • Rates and budget from economical to start category.

These are topics that writers can use to create guest posts; if they want, they can easily add more titles to make articles more appropriate and relevant. 

How to contact xyz.com?

If you believe you can write an article after reading the guest posting requirements and advantages, send it to us at editorofguestpost@gmail.com with a sample. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours after verifying all the parameters if it matches.

Final Verdict:

standardresearchjournals has been providing writers with various articles; by adhering to our terms and conditions and understanding the advantages, writers can start submitting their Write for Us Real Estate. if you are still wondering

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