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“Write For Us” + Women’s Health: Useful Guidelines!


The article explains the guidelines and protocols that must be followed when writing “Write for Us” + Women’s Health articles in a coherent manner.

Do you know how much we spend to pay our medical bills? Are you a medical professional who needs to inform others about current medical health statuses? Then our platform has an exclusive section for healthcare topics, including articles. There is a need for immediate attention to uplift the health of women, so we have created another section that deals with “Write for Us” + Women’s Health articles. Now we are inviting the writers to exhibit their writing skills on this topic. 

Introduction to our website Standardresearchjournals.org

Our website “Standardresearchjournals.org “is the one about which we can proudly say that we are the customer-friendly platform that has heard all of our readers’ wishes and needs, allowing us to present articles such as those on Women’s Health + Write for Us articles and other health-related topics.

We have a large team for these projects. And our contents are fact-checked with the most reliable sources. As a result, readers are not required to consult another source of information.

Our reader-friendly topics are,

  • Women Health
  • Health Care Sector
  • Products Review
  • Website Reviews
  • Business
  • News
  • Gaming Tips and Updates
  • Travel

Skills sets and desirable qualifications for “Write for Us” + Women’s Health article

Women’s health is a broad umbrella topic that contains many essential subtopics that need to be addressed, so the guest post contributors can categorize each sector and address it individually, and we also expect the writers to present the article in a more empathic manner, acknowledging their psychological and physical pain.

We have a lot of “Write for Us” + Women’s Health articles, but very few articles only understand the real pain of women and how it affects their health. So, we request that the writers shed light on the hidden health issues of women. For example, guest post contributors can present the unaddressed issues like menopausal mood swings, postpartum depression, and psychological health issues.

  • For the “Write for Us” + “Women’s Health” articles, the writer must have mandatory experience in the medical field.
  • Doctors, psychological health professionals, and researchers can present the articles in a more scientific context.
  • Many feminists are currently speaking out for women’s health so that activists can contribute their findings in their articles.
  • Even novice writers can contribute their efforts but must be authentically presented.

Write for Us Women’s Health article Suggested topics

Our team has concerns for our writers, so to make their job easier, we are making some suggestions from our side.

  • Tips for maintaining a healthy reproductive organ
  • Advice for new mothers and ways to nourish their bodies after childbirth
  • Menstrual hygiene and its relation to women’s health
  • Ways to tackle mood swings and depression during pregnancy, menstruation, and the menopause period

Write for Us + Women’s Health article’s Guidelines and presentation rules

    • As the article is about the health of women, the author should avoid using too many scientific terms. The content has to be conveyed clearly.
    • If the authors recommend any medical tips or medications, try to include disclaimers such as “contact the respective medical practitioner,” “under medical advice,” and so on.
    • Write for Us+ Women’s Health authors should present their indigenous content; our platform strictly prohibits plagiarism.
  • If there are any spelling or grammar errors in an article, the authors should double-check it before sending it.
  • The use of illustrations and images is highly recommended, but don’t include any copy-written images.
  • Avoid bulking up the contents; present it in neat bullets or numberings; it helps to increase the readability score.

Women’s Health Write for Us article SEO guidelines

  • The articles should have proper internal and external links. It helps increase our SEO score.
  • And the links should be highlighted in different colors and added after finishing 70 to 80 % of the article.
  • The use of SEO keywords is highly recommended. But guest post contributors should use it appropriately. Additionally, they must keep the keyword density consistent, which is based on the article’s word count. Use the keywords seven to eight times in a 750-word article, for instance, with a 90–110 word interval between each use.

Women’s Health + “Write for Us” writers Benefits

We have gathered many thousands of readers, and health is a sacrosanct topic that is not limited to any profession. As a result, the majority of readers will undoubtedly read the women’s health guest post articles. As a result, the writers will receive more support from our readers. It may open up new career opportunities for them.

If required, Additionally, the authors are able to create backlinks.

How to submit Women’s Health “Write for Us” article?

The articles should be sent to this Email Address[cantactjournal@gmail.com]. Our editorial team will assist the writers if they have any questions. We also request the writers to people send their biographies along with the article.


Women’s health is an important topic that helps to save people’s lives; therefore, “Write for Us” + Women’s Health guest post contributors should avoid making even minor errors in their articles. Please proofread it before sending it to us. Thank you for spending your time on showing interest in enriching the lives of our Women readers.

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