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Idaho Students Killed Autopsy: 4 Students Killed In Homicide Near University! Check reports & Trending Facts on Reddit & Twitter!

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This article provides information on the Idaho Students Killed Autopsy and tells the readers about the facts related to the scenario.

Have you looked at the new updates in the case of Idaho students? On November 17, 2022, a new thing emerged from the Idaho student murder case as the official authority published an autopsy. After reading the autopsy, readers from Worldwide were surprised by the result.

If you are here to know about the whole story about the Idaho Students Killed Autopsy and the recent update on the case, read till the end. 


What’s the recent update about the case?

The police officials performed an autopsy on the four students of the Idaho university, including a man from Washington. The four students were found dead in a rental house near the campus. The news shocked people Worldwide and especially the people of Moscow. 

University Of Idaho Homicide Autopsy– Who are the 4 students?

The bodies recovered from the rental house are the students of the university. Ethan Chapin, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, and Kaylee Goncalves. They were found dead on Sunday, i.e., November 13, 2022.

The reason behind their death was a stabbing with a knife, and the officials considered the event a homicide. The officials release the autopsy, and it is seen that a sharp-edged object has been used for the murder. 

What do the police have to say about the incident?

The 4 Students Killed In Idaho case has taken over the internet as everyone wants to know about the incident. The police are currently investigating the case and looking for clues to catch the culprit. 

The Coroner Cathy Mabbutt, does the autopsy, and the bodies are transferred to their respective family members for the final rituals. 

About the autopsy report

A large knife was used as a weapon in the autopsy report and according to the statement by Mabbutt to the Daily news channels available on Reddit and other platforms. The doctor also said there was a fair amount of blood, and knowing which student got attacked was hard. 

Some wounds were found on the body, indicating that the students tried to defend themselves from the attack. 

Who contacted the police regarding the incident?

An individual from the building contacted the police while unconscious at the king road home. In the house where the incident happened, 2 more females lived along with the 4 victims mentioned on Twitter and other articles. 

The two females were at home when the incident happened between 3 am to 4 am. Along with the Idaho police department, the FBI is also investigating the scene and getting full support from the local police department. 

What is the reaction of the nearby residents?

The nearby residents are shocked after learning about the murder of 4 students nearby their homes. The police also warned to stay careful as the murderer is still free. According to the residents and the police, this case and the Idaho Students Killed Autopsy differ from other past cases. 

The toxicology report is still pending, and the police are waiting to get all the information to form a proper timeline for the case. 

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Final words

The student’s murder case shocked the people, and everyone was tense as the police hadn’t caught the killer yet. We hope the autopsy report proves beneficial for the officials in solving the case soon. Check out this link 

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Idaho Students Killed Autopsy– FAQs

1:Where were the bodies found?

A: The bodies were found in a rental house near Idaho University.

2: Are there any clues related to the murder?

A: There wasn’t any murder weapon found at the crime scene.

3: How many students were living in the house?

A: There were 6 students in the house when the incident happened. 

4: What is the murder weapon look like?

A: According to the autopsy report, the murder weapon is a sharp knife seen in the movie like Rambo. 

5: Who is investigating the case?

A: The FBI and the Idaho Police department jointly investigating the case. 

6: When did the whole incident happen?

A: The whole incident happened on Sunday afternoon, i.e., November 13, 2022.

7: Did the police catch the killer?

A: No reports are given by the police related to the killer. 

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