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Is Amateurm Scam Or Legit {July} Check Full Reviews!

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Is Amateurm Scam or Legit? This article shares all the necessary details on the permissibility of the Amateurm shop. Please read the details below.

Do you wish to glance at the Amateurm shop? This shop is a trending store and people in the United States are seeking more details on this site. But, Is Amateurm Scam or Legit? This store may offer you attractive deals, but you must know if the store is a legit place to shop for any product. So, kindly go through the details shared in this article. 


The Legitimacy Of The Amateurm Shop! 

  • Trust Index: The index of trust is determined to be 23.8/100. It is a poor trust rate. 
  • Phishing Factor: A 6 percent phishing score is available on the Amateurm shop.
  • Malware Score: There is a 4 percent malware count present on the Amateurm shop. 
  • Registration Date: August 8, 2022, is the creation time of the Amateurm shop. The shop was founded eleven months ago.
  • Shopper’s Opinions: A Few Amateurm Reviews are seen on online review sites. And, some reviews are there on the official site.
  • Social Accounts: The social media profiles are missing from the networks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.  
  • Missed Information: The phone number and location are absent from the official site. 
  • Data Safety: The HTTPS server is available on the Amateurm shop that encrypts the data of the user. 

Overview Of The Amateurm Shop! 

The Amateurm shop has multiple sections of products. They got home tools, clothing items, and products for children. They have: 

  • Periodic Table
  • Kitchenware
  • Clothing
  • Garden Tools
  • Home Decor

Specifications, as determined in Is Amateurm Scam or Legit! 

  • URL:
  • Location Information: It is unavailable.
  • Phone Number: It is unavailable.
  • Email Id:
  • Some reviews are present on the Amateurm shop and a single customer review was there on another online site.
  • Return Policy: The shop gives only two weeks to return the products in case of any defect.
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Visa, Discover, Amex, MasterCard, etc. 
  • Shipment Policy: It may take seven to fifteen days to ship and deliver the goods. 

Positive Points

  • Free delivery is available on products over dollar 39. 
  • The email address is mentioned.

Negative Points

  • No profiles are available on Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, or Facebook.
  • Fake reviews are seen on the official site as no online site reviewed the store.

Amateurm Reviews

Amateurm shops may have many amazing products but the shoppers must check if the reviews are present on those products or not. We have seen many positive reviews on the products of the Amateurm shop. The products received 5-star ratings. But, these ratings look artificial because some online review portal has shared ratings, 3.7/5 based on only a single review. Thus, we can assume that these ratings and reviews are artificially created. Moreover, we have not seen any social media account linked with the Amateurm store. Thus, it clarifies that the shop seems not trustworthy. So, Is Amateurm Scam or Legit? We have provided some facts to save money from PayPal Scammers.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up this article, we have given all the mandatory details on the permissibility of the Amateurm store. It was enrolled around eleven months ago. Also, the trust index determined on the Amateurm shop is poor. Thus, we could not suggest this shop to you. The buyers should also read the methods to prevent Credit Card Scamming. You can also go through the details on Garden Tools here. 

Would you mind providing your opinions on this article? Please share your ideas in the reply section below. 

Is Amateurm Scam or Legit: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the return policy of the Amateurm shop? 

Ans. The return criteria of the Amateurm shop lasts for only 14 days. 

Q2. What is the available collection on the Amateurm store?

Ans. The collection available in the Amateurm shop is kitchenware, clothing, garden tools, home decor, etc.

Q3. Discuss the reviews if any present on the collection of the site? 

Ans. The positive reviews and good ratings are seen on the official website. But, it could be manipulative. 

Q4. Are the social media profiles of the Amateurm shop present? 

Ans. We did not find any profiles on social media sites like Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, etc. 

Q5. Is Amateurm Scam or Legit

Ans. The Amateurm shop seems a dubious store because it did not have a good continuation and trust index. 

Q6. What is the continuance of the Amateurm shop? 

Ans. The shop was enrolled around Eleven months ago. 

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