Is Comfy Tag Scam or Legit Online Product Reviews

Is Comfy Tag Scam or Legit: Find Fair Reviews To Know The Legitimacy!

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Let’s discuss the comfy website’s details to know Is Comfy Tag Scam or Legit with Comfy Tag Reviews.

Do you buy products online without researching the website properly? If yes, then you are making a huge mistake because many websites perform scams or make money by selling the wrong products. As online businesses grow with time, people need to be very careful when making any purchase or investing money.

Since online use has increased with time across the United States, authorities have noticed that scams and fraud are growing with time. So, people need to be very careful while investing their money or making any purchase from the online store. Thus, let’s check out Is Comfy Tag Scam or Legit in case you are planning to buy products from this store. 

Specification on Is Comfy Tag Scam or Legit 

Certain specifications that indicate whether Comfy is a scam or not.

  • The domain was created on Wednesday, 5th July 2023, at 12:00 a.m., which means the domain was created just two months ago.
  • According to reliable testing sources, the website has zero popularity on the internet.
  • Till now, the website is not blacklisted by any domain.
  • It is safe to use the website because the HTTP connection protects it.
  • The testing application suggests that the website has scored 15 out of 100 scores in terms of Proximity to Suspicious.
  • This website has scored only 1 score in terms of spam score.
  • To check the website’s legitimacy, we have specified the Comfy Tag Reviews in the post below.
  • The Malware and Threat score of the website is only 3 out of 100.
  • In terms of Phishing score, the website scored only 1, which is negligible.
  • The trust score of the website is 65.5%, which is an average trust score.

This is the general information of the Comfytag website. However, for further details, you need to read the post below.

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What is Comfytag?

Comfytag is an online store that sells footwear. The store has a wide range of shoe collections. However, they serve their customer with attractive colors, designs, and patterns, and they only sell sports shoes. On this website, you will get a wide range of sports shoes for men and women at a huge discount. The website caters to its customers with many attractive offers, but we need to research well to know Is Comfy Tag Scam or Legit. So, let’s check out the post further for more details.

More specifications on the website to check website legitimacy

URL: The URL of the website is

Name: The name of the website is Comftag.

Address: The address mentioned on the website is 842 Beech Street, Mountain View, CA. 

Phone Number: Currently, we are not able to fetch the phone number on the website. 

Email Address: There is no email address mentioned on the website. 

Exchange Policy: They haven’t mentioned any details about the exchange policy. 

Return Policy: You can return the product within 30 days of receiving the product. 

Payment Mode: The website accepts cards, Google Pay, and ShopPay. However, you need to check the Comfy Tag Reviews before making any payment online.

Shipping Charges: In case of orders below $42.99, the shipping charges would be $4.99, and for orders above $42.99, they offer free shipping. 

Social Media Presence: The website has mentioned the link for social media platforms, but these links are dead. 

Postal Address: The postal address on the website is 94041. 

Pros of the website

  • The website has an average trust index.
  • They have three chief payment modes.
  • They offer worldwide shipping.

Cons of the website 

  • The owner’s details are missing.
  • The domain was recently created.
  • Social media absence.

Customer reviews on the Comfy Tag website

Customer reviews play an important role in understanding any website or online store. But, currently, we haven’t found any customer reviews to understand people’s points of view on product quality, size, and brand reliability. Thus, deciding Is Comfy Tag Scam or Legit is hard right now.


While researching the website thoroughly, we have come across many red flags such as missing owner’s details, exchange policy, social media platform, email address, customer’s review, and much more. Therefore, you should buy from reliable sources to keep yourself safe. Also, read safety tips against PayPal scams before shopping from any online portal.

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