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Is Tekuits.com Scam or Legit {July 2023} Honest Reviews!

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The below write-up shares reliable facts that belong to Is Tekuits.com Scam or Legit, which will assist you in making your purchase decision.

Are you looking for makeup or pouches that can be used for all purposes to keep usable items? Then here we are talking about a portal that offers a variety of pouches at the lowest cost. This portal has been registered in the United States

However, before investing in it, it is necessary to know whether it Is Tekuits.com Scam or LegitSo, let’s research the crucial parameters of the portal to know its authenticity.

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Is Tekuits.com a reliable domain?

  • Tekuits.com was launched on 26/12/2022, a 6-month, 26-day-old portal.
  • We found that it has a short life and will diminish on -26/12/2024. 
  • The trust count shows by it only 5%, which is terrible.
  • We need a social networking symbol on the portal’s home page.
  • On its official page, you will get all the policies explained via separate sheets.
  • The threat and phishing scores together are 47%.
  • Its trust index is 47.2%.
  • Shoppers are unable to read any single Tekuits.com Reviews on the portal.
  • The malware score is 22%.
  • It lacks in Alexa ranking.
  • Valid HTTPS found and not detected by any blacklist engine.
  • The portal official detail kept the name of the portal holder the same.

Detail about Tekuits.com-

Tekuits.com is an online portal that offers a variety of all-purpose pouches. Here you can explore makeup pouches, toiletry bags etc. The shop chooses each item carefully to offer the best quality at a reasonable price. 

It guarantees that the shop aims to offer its customers an extensive choice of some of the most popular and latest items. The portal delivers goods to almost every nation in the world.

Specifications to verify- Is Tekuits.com Scam or Legit

  • The web address of the domain is- https://tekuits.com/
  • Valid e-mail address- support@mallhelpcenter.com, support@storehelpcenter.com
  • Telephone number-Not mentioned.
  • Registration Number-709295
  • Order shipping time -7-15 working days.
  • Shipping costs- It depend on the package’s weight and delivery location.  
  • Free shipping- Not found.
  • Return policy- 15 days from receiving your order.
  • Refund Policy- All refunds will be credited to your original form of payment.  
  • The cancellation policy- Immediate contact to store to cancel your order.
  • Taxes and duties- The customer will be responsible for paying them.
  • Modes of payment are- PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, etc.

Is Tekuits.com Scam or Legit– Go through its paybacks-

  • A valid mode of payment is available at the store to avoid any transaction scam.
  • You can explore a huge collection of pouches.
  • Items offered by it are available at the lowest cost.
  • We find the company address with the name and registration number.
  • Shoppers can use all the online shopping strategies of the store.

Losses of the portal-

  • We are still looking for its contact number.
  • There is no feedback from clients traced by the shoppers.
  • Alexa’s ranking needs to be included.
  • The contact number needs to be included.
  • We need help getting the social media page of the portal.
  • The portal does not contain the name of its owner.

Focused on Tekuits.com Reviews

The site must link to its social networking profile and promote its visual identity on other websites selling goods online. Therefore, customers need assistance finding honest customer reviews on social networks or other online shopping sites. It must include user feedback. Customers can learn How to Get a Full Refund on Credit Card Scams here.

The Final Conclusion-

The trust scores and client feedback are absent from this domain. Although, you will miss here many of the crucial information. Lacking information indicates that it is a con site. Learn how to get a full credit card refund if you were scammed.

Have you ever fallen victim to online website fraud? Share your experience by leaving a comment.

Is Tekuits.com Scam or Legit-FAQs-

Q.1 How much is the cost of shipping?

Ans- Depends on the weight of the order.

Q.2 What about free shipping?

Ans- Not available.

Q.3 Who will pay duty and taxes?


Q.4 What is the shipping strategy?

Ans- Standard shipping.

Q.5 How can you track your order?

Ans- The store will share the tracking number via e-mail.

Q.6 Is it offer a refund?

Ans- Yes, within certain limitations, it offers a refund.

Q.7 Is Tekuits.com Scam or Legit a working domain?

Ans- No, many negative points raise trust issues.

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