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Unveil mystery in Reviews of Is Vellarose Scam or Legit—From suspicious origins to dubious practices, uncover truth behind this enigmatic e-store. is an e-store selling flowers in the United States. However, due to its popularity, its brand name – Vella Rose- has been misused by several entities, including is a conservative website censoring its registration details and confusing information related to its owners, date of registration/updation/expiry. Let’s analyze Reviews of Is Vellarose Scam or Legit.

Is Vellarose Scam or Legit?

  • Vellarose Creation—17th/December/2022.
  • Vellarose Age—1-year, 3-months, and 11-days old.
  • Vellarose Last updated on—Data was censored.
  • Vellarose Expiry—Data was censored.
  • Vellarose life expectancy—Unknown.
  • Place of origin—Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
  • Trust Index—60%↓.
  • Business ranking—6.9%↓.
  • Alexa Rank—17,361,085↓.
  • Domain Authority—1/100↓.
  • Domain Rating—Zero↓.
  • Page Authority—1/10↓.
  • MozRank—0.1/10↓.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity—7%↑.
  • Threat Profile—3%↑.
  • Phishing—1%↑.
  • Malware—1%↑.
  • Spam—3%↑.
  • Backlinks—One↓.
  • Linking websites—One↓.
  • Do-Follow Links—Zero↓.
  • ISP—Shopify Inc, Canada.
  • Status of Blacklisting—Vellarose is not blacklisted.
  • Connection Security—Vellarose uses a secured HTTPS protocol.
  • SSL Status—Its IP has Low-Domain Validated Certificates(DV-SSL) issued by Let’s Encrypt for next 34-days.
  • Servers—Vellarose relays its services using Cloudflare server serial# 912b084acf0c18a753f6d62e25a75f5a and 4001772137d4e942b8ee76aa3c640ab7 targeting and located in USA.
  • Owner’s Identity and Contact—Censored using internet-paid privacy services.

A Brief Vellarose Reviews:

VellaRose meticulously curates a vast selection from various brands, ensuring top-notch quality and diversity. VellaRose’s friendly team is available around the clock to assist you. VellaRose prioritizes sustainability, opting for eco-friendly suppliers. Enjoy affordable prices as VellaRose cuts CO2 emissions by delivering straight from source.

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However, content of, its mission statement, website design, product pages, terms and policies were replicated from, raising questions about its authenticity!

Vellarose sells:

  1. Women’s clothing,
  2. Men’s apparel,
  3. Unisex casual shoes,
  4. Sports shoes,
  5. Men’s shoe
  6. Women’s slippers,
  7. Pants,
  8. Suites, 
  9. Pet products,
  10. T-shirts,
  11. Gadgets,
  12. Baby products,
  13. Healthcare items,
  14. Home and garden,
  15. Auto parts and accessories.

Features determining Is Vellarose Scam or Legit:

  • Buy apparel, shoes, and utilities at—
  • Price—Starts from €44,95.
  • Store locations—Vellarose doesn’t have physical stores.
  • Email address—, a genuine business email.
  • Privacy policy—Mentioned but plagiarized on Vellarose.
  • Cookies Policy—Merged with privacy policies.
  • Terms and Conditions—Mentioned but plagiarized on Vellarose.
  • Mode of Payment—In Euros via Visa/MasterCard/MastroCard/Amex/UnionPay/PayPal.
  • Delivery Policy—Vellarose delivers orders within 6-12 days.
  • Shipping Policy—Orders above €25,00 incur a €5,95 shipping fee. Order processing timeline was unspecified.
  • Tracking—Possible at using order/contact/tracking numbers.
  • Cancellation Policy—Vellarose does not support cancellation.
  • Return Policy—Vellarose allows 30-days to return items. Customers need to fill out a return request form and provide proof of purchase, accounted to check Is Vellarose Scam or Legit.
  • Exchange Policy—Vellarose does not support exchange.
  • Restocking fee: No fee.
  • Refunds Policy—Once returns are inspected, a refund will be processed. 
  • Refund timeline—5-days.
  • Mode of refund—The initial method of payment was used on Vellarose.
  • Newsletters—Published by Vellarose.
  • FAQ—Present on Vellarose.
  • Traffic—Vellarose gained 773 visitors this year from the UK and Germany, with an average visit duration of 00:00:03 seconds, browsing an average of 0.37 pages, yielding a $0 traffic value.
  • Marketing channels: Vellarose gained 100% of its traffic from Instagram.
  • Performance—Vellarose has an average load speed of 2.71 seconds for its landing page of 2.8 MB and a 66%↑ D-performance grade.
  • Physical Address/Company number/Contact person/Phone number/WhatsApp number/Guarantee/Warranty/Carrier details/Cancellation fee—Unspecified.

Pros determining Is Vellarose Scam or Legit:

  • Free shipment on orders above €25,00
  • Detailed product specifications, images, and descriptions included
  • Products are available in different sizes, materials, and colours 


  • Vellarose offered unrealistic discounts of up to 75%
  • It allowed ordering 1k quantities of same item
  • Most of categories and product pages are hidden

Customers Reviews:

Two websites and one YouTube review suggest that Vellarose is a possible scam. One review that Vellarose supplies goods from China, refunds are not processed, and goods are often undelivered. One customer rated Vellarose at 1/5 stars. Click here to learn about PayPal fraud, as all Vellarose Reviews of product on were positive and rated 4.5/5-stars. Hence, such product reviews on are unrealistic.

Social media links and relationships:

  • Vellarose is not present on social media. However, Instagram posts related to and @vellarose__(Pijamas Vella Rose®) are confused with

Conclusion: gained an average trust score but poor domain scores and Alexa ranking. Click here to learn more about PayPal Scams, as terrible business scores suggest high-risk for financial transactions, user data and devices. Click here to learn more about Cybersecurity Threats as content of was published in December/2022; However, domain registration date is reflected as 25th/March/2024 and domain updation date as 31st/March/2024, answering Is Vellarose Scam or Legit. 

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