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Kebaya Merah Full Telegram: Find Which Video Of Kebaya Merah is Viral On Yandex, TWITTER, And Reddit, Also Check if Full Video is Available on LK21, Or MediafıRe


This post on Kebaya Merah Full Telegram will explain all the necessary information related to the viral video of kebaya Merah.

Do you know about the latest kebaya Merah video? A video shot in a hotel room in Indonesia has been going viral for a few days. People from Worldwide are currently in search of this video. This article will explain all the necessary facts and figures related to Kebaya Merah Full Telegram so please keep reading this post till the end.

What is the Kebaya Merah video?

The Kebaya Merah video has been going viral since it was uploaded a few days back. This video was about a girl wearing a Kebaya Merah or a red Indonesian dress. The main reason this video went viral was because of the dress. The two actors in the video were seen performing some intimate activities. Recently, it was revealed that the actors had been arrested. The identity of these actors was also just released. 

What were the actors doing in the Video Kebaya Merah Viral Yandex?

The people in the video were not a couple. The video starts with a woman in a red kebaya. Later, the woman begins doing the chores in the hotel room when the man approaches her, and both get involved in intimate activities. This video was recorded voluntarily by the actors. The video was not a real-life situation but was written and directed. They kept the women’s identities a secret by blindfolding them. The video blew up in Full LK21 in a short time and was now circulated on social media. 

Is this video available on social media platforms?

The video was deleted from every social media. The video was first uploaded on youtube, then on tiktok, and then circulated on every other social media platform. The video went so viral that it had more than 35000 likes quickly and became trending on Indonesian Twitter and tiktok. During our research, we found that people are privately circulating these links, or we can say that they are asking for money in exchange for the video link. The hashtag kebaya merah was Viral on TWITTER.

What happened to the actors in the video?

On 6th November 2022, the actors in the video were arrested by the East Java Regional police in Indonesia. The actors were allegedly charged with such act. The police revealed some personal information about the people in the video. The girl in the video is a 24-year-old model, whereas the man is a 29-year-old event organizer or entrepreneur. It was revealed that the two of them were not married but dating, and they purposely made this video. During the investigation, it was also discovered that their videos were uploaded on Full MediafıRe, and actors have created around 92 such clips. 

Social media links 

Because the video contained content that can harm people, we do not aim to provide any social media links. 


We want to tell everyone that we do not aim to promote intimate content through this post. We also do not want to harm anyone’s feelings via this article.

Final words

To conclude this post, we can say that such content should not be promoted on social media platforms as there are minors on social media, which can harm them. Please visit this link to learn more about the kebaya Merah 

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Kebaya Merah Full Telegram – FAQs

Q.1 Who are the people in the kebaya Merah video?

The woman’s name is Icha Ceeby, and the man’s name was not discovered.

Q.2 What were the people doing in the video?

The actors in the video were creating intimate video in a hotel room.

Q.3 What is kebaya merah?

Kebaya Merah is an Indonesian dress worn by women.

Q.4 Were the actors in the video minor?

No, the couple in the video were grownups.

Q.5 How old were the actors in the video?

The female actor was 24 years old, whereas the male actor was 29 years old.

Q.6 Is the video still available on Reddit?

No, the video has been deleted from social media.

Q.7 Where can we find the video?

The video has been completely deleted from social media platforms, and we do not recommend looking for these videos.

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