Why is Nit Peak Brightness Important

Why is Nit Peak Brightness Important?


You may have seen this feature in smartphones nowadays – the nit peak brightness. What does it mean? Should you really look at this feature as an important function of a smartphone? To give you an overview, the HONOR X9b has a nit peak brightness of 1200 on a 1.5k retinal resolution. This is high compared to its contemporaries. This is great considering that the HONOR X9b Malaysia price is around RM 1500. Here are the reasons why nit peak brightness is relevant in this day and age. 

Importance of Nit Peak Brightness

You can use it outdoors 

The main reason why most mobile devices increase the nit peak brightness is because of their usage outside. You may not notice the need for a high brightness level for your smartphone when you are indoors because you probably adjust it way lower. But when you are outside your home, you will realize that your smartphone screen requires a brighter display. The HONOR X9b is one phone in the midrange market that has a high nit peak brightness. With the HONOR X9b Malaysia price right now, you will see that its competitors have seemingly lower ratings. This makes the phone a more valuable device to have in the same category. 

When you go outdoors, the brightness needs to be adjusted so that you will see the content of your screen. With a high nit peak brightness, you will still be able to look at your phone even in the sunlight shining on your device. 

It makes for a better viewing experience

When you watch a TV show or binge-watch a television show, would you prefer to view them on a dull screen or a bright screen? All of you would choose to have a very bright screen so that you can see all the details that are being displayed by the TV show that you are watching. With a high nit peak brightness, you can enjoy the show more. You will also be better immersed in everything that is happening on the screen because of the liveliness of the colors as if they are popping out of the display. 

By adjusting to the nit brightness of your choice, you can conveniently move the level up or down based on your preference for a full appreciation of the video. 

It gives you the flexibility to choose what brightness you want

It is just good to have the option to adjust the brightness to a level that you want. It is like having the option if you feel like using it. When you have a high nit peak brightness, you can adjust the level to the very top or move it to the lowest, depending on what you like at the moment. There are some scenes in a TV show where you want a high brightness because of the darkness of the scene. There will also be times when a picture is too bright in itself and you want to reduce the level of brightness as displayed by the phone. It is the flexibility of the feature that makes the phone a great and adaptable device. 


The nit peak brightness of any smartphone is important because it gives you the capability to use your smartphone and view the screen at any place and at any time. It also makes general viewing and watching of videos more immersive with a high nit peak brightness. With the HONOR X9b, you are getting 1200 nit peak brightness, which is uncommon for phones at the same price point. You need to always take a look at this seemingly neglected feature of smartphones before you buy one. 

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