How Renting Bedroom Furniture Can Save You Money

How Renting Bedroom Furniture Can Save You Money


Renting furniture is a great option for roommates who change decor styles frequently, single renters or travelers who need to furnish temporary homes. As smart customers, shop around to find discounts, promotions or deals that can help save on furniture rentals. Many rental providers give military and first responder discounts, too.


When you rent furniture, looking at all the accompanying charges is important. Many companies have membership fees, upfront costs for your lease arrangement, requirements to get furniture rental insurance and more. These extra fees can make the total cost of your rental much higher than you originally expected. If you are on a temporary work assignment, waiting for contractor renovations to be completed or want a more stylish home without the upfront expense of purchasing furniture, renting is a great option. Furniture rental companies offer comprehensive furniture packages for various rooms that are a fraction of the price you would pay to buy each piece individually. You can even find high-end pieces that normally retail for $1,500 for just $58 monthly to rent! Renting can also save you money regarding movers and other moving-related expenses. In addition, if you are a student, retiree or professional who moves frequently for business or personal reasons, renting furniture can help you avoid the hassles of lugging your belongings across the country. This is particularly true if you have a brief job and must equip a temporary residence.


Furniture rental companies can offer a lot of convenience when you are on the move. They can help you avoid the costs of hiring movers to get your existing pieces to your new home or paying for a whole furniture set when you still determine how long you will be in that location. Renting furniture also allows you to update your room’s design without worrying about reselling or disposing of your old furniture. Once your lease ends, the furniture company will pick it up and bring in new pieces for you. This is perfect for people on a short work assignment, military service personnel in transition or traveling medical professionals.

Many furniture rental companies also offer home furnishing packages with everything you need to outfit a room. This saves you money because it is cheaper than purchasing individual pieces from a regular retail store. These package deals can include items like mattresses, sofas, dining tables and bed rentals that will give your space a fully furnished look that makes it feel like home. There are a variety of costs associated with hiring furniture from a furniture rental company, depending on the sort of furniture you require and the length of time you are going to rent it. These can include membership fees, upfront costs for the lease arrangement and requirements to get rental insurance. It’s important to consider all the different costs of furniture leasing when deciding if it is the right choice for you.


Furniture rental may be the perfect solution to furnish a house, apartment or condo on a budget. Many companies offer complete furniture packages for various rooms that are cheaper than purchasing them individually. These packages include everything from beds to sofas, lamps and more. Some even come with houseware collections like dinnerware, linens and decoration kits to make your temporary home feel complete. For those who move often, renting furniture is a great way to avoid the costs of hiring movers. Furniture rental is also a good option if you are waiting on your contractor to finish your home renovation before you buy new furniture. Then, you can return the items when the lease expires. This is much easier than selling or disposing of them yourself.


Purchasing furniture is expensive, but renting can save you money in the long run. However, many rental companies charge multiple fees, such as membership charges, upfront costs for the lease arrangement, and insurance requirements. These fees can add up quickly and make the furniture seem more expensive than it is. Renting has the additional advantage of allowing you to return any furnishings that you don’t like. This can be helpful if you are still determining how long you will live in the home or if you are a student looking for stylish short-term furniture. Renting furniture also saves you from dealing with the hassle of selling or disposing of furniture once your lease expires. Some furniture rental companies even offer whole-room packages that include all the pieces you need for a given room. For example, a company provides rental furniture and accessories for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining areas. Their packages can be as low as $190 per month, making them a cost-effective option for temporary housing. You can also find complete furniture sets for less by shopping online or checking out local resale marketplaces. However, you should know the risks of buying used furniture, especially if you have kids or pets. Be sure to read the fine print of the resale policy before making a purchase.

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