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Top Maine Lobster Reviews {Nov} Is Portal Scam or Legit?

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Are you planning to have lobster on these Halloween days? Are you looking for the reality of the trending website top Maine The lobster dish is one of the popular seafood among the citizens of the United States

Recently, a website has been trending with the name Top Maine Lobster at the most discounted price among the famous restaurants and stores in the US. So people are trying to find out the legitimacy of the domain and want to know about the public opinion and reviews regarding the company. Therefore, check out the Top Maine Lobster Reviews and escalate the platform’s legitimacy. 

Public Opinion on Top Maine Lobster

As per the company, they have been serving the lobster delivery business for the last 12 years. Additionally, they have multiple customer reviews flashing on the bottom of the screen. However, if you select any lobster dish on the website, it will not flash a single customer review. 

However, this information mismatch creates chaos and questions in the customers’ minds. Additionally, when searching online about the reviews of the companies, lots of popular authorized websites claim that it is a fake platform. Moreover, there are multiple Top Maine Lobster Reviews available on these platforms where people are talking about the fraud company that is pending with the name Top Maine Lobster.

About the Top Maine Lobster

Top Maine Lobster is a seafood delivery company located in the United States that claims to provide the best quality and fresh seafood to its customers. As per the information, the company is located in the South Marine, which is popularly known as the shipping out location of the US. 

Customers can order multiple seafood and fresh giant lobsters from the domain at a highly discounted price unmatched by other restaurants and retailers. The said lobster customer can also order different crabs from this domain. So let’s check out Is Top Maine Lobster Scam or Legit by following all the necessary specifications of the company.

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  • Website Type: Online seafood delivery business.
  • Email ID:
  • Website Link:
  • Contact Address: TOP MAINE LOBSTER, 47 Spring Hill Road, Saco, Maine 04072
  • Contact No.: The contact number of the company is not available on the website.
  • Product Cost: on average, the product costs around $30-$50.
  • Trust Score: Top Maine Lobsters obtain only 1% of the trust score, i.e. highly awful for the company to be legit.
  • Age of website: Top Maine Lobster is a new domain that is only eight days older. 
  • Social Media: All the social media links are harmful, and there are no Top Maine Lobster Reviews on social media that verify the authenticity of the domain. 
  • Filter Option: there is no dedicated filter option, but customers can select the desired seafood segment.
  • Payment Mode: users can pay via credit card, debit card or net banking.
  • Shipping Policy: the company claimed to deliver fast and fresh seafood to US citizens within 12 hours of the order. In case of a distant location, it may take up to several hours or days. 

Pros to escalate: Is Top Maine Lobster Scam or Legit

  • The company delivers the highest quality seafood product at a very efficient price.
  • Along with the seafood, there is also a recipe available with all the seafood for the users to cook the lobster and crab.
  • All the necessary contact information, like company address and email ID, is available on the domain.


  • The company is newly launched and has only a 1% trust score, which defines the poor authority of the company.
  • There are only so many legit customer reviews available on the domain that can verify the authenticity of the product and company. 
  • Multiple fake information is available on the website regarding the age of the company and the experience in the business market.

Top Maine Lobster Reviews

Unfortunately, Top Maine Lobster has no reviews, which ultimately decreases the company’s legitimacy. Therefore, it is hard to argue that Top Maine Lobster is a legitimate website. So stay away from such fraudulent websites and learn more about PayPal scams.


Top Maine Lobster appears to be a fake website because it does not have any legit reviews available on the domain. Additionally, all the specifications and details of the website directly point out that it is a scam domain, and Top Maine Lobster Reviews are also fake. 

Would you consider such a website for shopping online? Comment below. Also, understand how to avoid credit card scams. 

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