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“Write For Us” + General Guest Post: Amazing Chance!


The article “Write for Us” + General Guest Post describes the requirements for writing guest post articles for the standard research journals website.

Are you the person who values every post on the Internet? Do you have the ability to address trending topics easily and clearly? Then, the standard research journal platform helps the writers exhibit their writing skills. But all the writers should know about the mandatory guidelines for writing the Write for Us” + General Guest Post articles for our team; thus, the following article clearly explains the ways to present the guest post article.

About the standardresearchjournals.org website

Standardresearchjournals.org is a popular content creation platform, where we help people reimagine their way of living positively. And our platform has a good SEO score, a high trust score, and a good Alexa ranking. These factors determine the legitimacy of the website.

So, our standard research journals platform is legit by delivering high-quality content through its articles like General + Write for Us.

Our platform fact-checks every article posted, so our readers believe in our content, encouraging us to provide more innovative and exciting articles.

Our quality of content can be seen in the following niches:

  • Websites review
  • Products review
  • Cannabis oil and usage
  • Digital currency
  • Women Health
  • Gaming updates and tips
  • Latest current affairs

Skills sets required for presenting “Write for Us” + General article

Guest post articles are gathering massive responses on the Internet, and they have become the perfect way to increase impressions in the content marketing strategy. Thus, we want the guest post contributors to have well-versed knowledge of the current trending topics which has the capability to secure more impressions and rankings 

  • Authors with more experience in the “Write for Us” + General writing field are heartily welcome to exhibit their skills.
  • We are more focused on something more than a specific education degree; guest post contributors who strongly believe in their writing skills can present their articles.
  • As a general guest post article, writers with a degree in journalism, marketing, content creation, core subjects, or medicine can present their analysis of the trending issues respective to their subjects.

Write for Us General Guest Post Topic Suggestions

Our team wants to suggest some trending topics, but the writers are not obligated to choose any of these topics, but they can get an idea of our expectations.

  • Usage and the latest updates on cryptocurrencies
  • Blogs about earning money through the Internet can be discussed in the “Write for Us” + “General” articles.
  • Information about the psychological and physical fitness
  • Articles on remote jobs
  • Artificial Intelligence And Block Chain Applications
  • Inspirational and motivational articles
  • Articles on the healthy lifestyle

Writers are requested to shed light on these topics’ hidden and essential issues.

Essential vital points to be followed while writing: Write for Us + General

  • The article’s word limit can be chosen per the guest post authors’ wishes. The minimum and maximum limits are 500 and 2000, respectively.
  • For correcting spelling and grammatical errors, guest post contributors can use the Grammarly tool. It reduces our editing time.
  • And the score of Grammarly is to be maintained above ninety-eight percent in the Write for Us+ General article.
  • To improve the readability of their writing, writers must include the infographics and flowcharts that are required.
  • The article must be flawless, free of any punctuation or grammar mistakes. Authors can utilise the appropriate AI technologies to fix their errors.
  • The articles should be 100% unique, and no plagiarised articles will be accepted at any cost.
  • The guest post contributors should present their articles in a well-researched manner, and there should be no false assumptions in the article.
  • The article should be neatly organized with subheadings, bullets, and illustrations.
  • The readability score has to be between 70 and 80%.

SEO key guidelines for presenting General Write for Us

  • The guest post contributors can search topics in Google for high-SEO-scoring keywords and build up articles using those keywords.
  • The articles should be supported by valid internal and external links, which should be highlighted in bold. The links should be placed after completing all the descriptions.
  • Placing the appropriate internal and external links helps reduce the spam value, and the acceptable spam range is 5 to 6%.

Why do authors should write General + “Write for Us” articles with our team?

  • Our standard research journals team has a diverse reader base from all over the world. Thus, the guest contributors can get the maximum exposure by dealing with the interests of many regional people.
  • As our platform upholds SEO optimization tools, it helps the article reach a more comprehensive set of people. Thus, the article gets excellent impressions on the Internet.

How to submit the General “Write for Us” articles

All the guest post contributors are requested to send their submitted soft copies to the mentioned cantactjournal@gmail.com, and the writers’ queries will be clarified within a day. If any.


Thus, we have cleared everything from our side, and we encourage everyone to take part in the journey of enlightening our readers’ minds. Standard research journals forum represents honesty, so writers shouldn’t submit their copied contents, and our team holds all the rights over the Write for Us” + General Guest Post selected articles. Guest post contributors should acknowledge that before submitting their general topics articles. Thank you, and we are waiting to hear from you.

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