Complete Information About Reasons Why HONOR 90 Is Worth-Buying

Reasons Why HONOR 90 Is Worth-Buying?


HONOR smartphones are always known for their custom programming overlays, Magic UI, which is based upon the Android working framework. These connection points gave plenty of elements and functionalities that were planned to improve convenience, execution, and personalization.

From the HONOR 90 model, one could expect advancements in camera capabilities, processing power, display technology, and 5G connectivity. Given the trend towards sleek and ergonomic designs, the HONOR 90 features a refined aesthetic with attention to user experience. It runs on the latest version of MagicOS 7.1 Android with a customized user interface, along with various software enhancements to provide a seamless and feature-rich experience. In the UAE, the smartphone is known for its affordable price. The HONOR 90 price in UAE is just AED 1999. The detailed features are given below: 

Two variants: 8GB+256GB and 12GB+512GB: 

The smartphone has two variants based on storage and RAM.

  • 8GB+256GB
  • 12GB+512GB 

The large RAM and storage ensure the smooth exhibition of different undertakings. The application execution and gaming are fast in this smartphone.

Areno 644 for high graphics:

The Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 — octa-center processor is the latest one. You will have a smooth running of the features of the phone. The design language is additionally awesome with Adreno 644 which is best for 3D gaming. The software doesn’t lag during heavy gaming which is a property of the HONOR 90. Many other exclusive properties are found in the smartphone. 

200 MP Rear camera with 50 MP Selfie camera:

For stylish photography, this cell phone gives a flexible camera language. This could organize a basic standard depth sensor and focus, and three huge degree sensors to deal with the photography needs. The fundamental sensor could have features like optical picture change for chipping away at low-light execution and video strength. On the front, there is a standard selfie camera.

  • The phone maintains 4K with pixels 3840×2160 for video recording
  • 3840×2160 pixels video objective
  • a Modernized zoom of 10x
  • Moving photo
  • AI photography
  • Wide Angle
  • Large Aperture
  • Multi-Video
  • Night shot
  • Portrait mode
  • Pro mode
  • 4K Video
  • Panorama
  • HDR quality
  • Capture smiles
  • A selfie camera of 50MP Camera
  • The rear camera is 200 MP

Battery Limitations:

Supercharge is all we want. For supercharging, you are provided with the 66W supercharger. The battery is of 5000 mAh battery

So it has increased the rapid empowering improvement to top the battery rapidly. Remote charging has been made possible. The gadget would likely abruptly spike popularity for the most recent sort of Android. You can liver gram, audio calls, or video calls by using very less of the battery.

Artificial Intelligence:

One of the champion elements of Magic OS was the incorporation of man-made brainpower (intelligence) abilities. These connection points used artificial intelligence calculations to work on different parts of the cell phone in sight. For example, artificial intelligence-driven photography improvements could naturally change camera settings to catch better photographs in various circumstances. Artificial intelligence is likewise utilized in the battery for the executives to learn client propensities and advance power utilization for longer battery duration. 

Digital Wellbeing:

With the developing consciousness of cell phone utilization propensities, HONOR’s product included highlights for advanced prosperity. Clients could follow their application use, set screen time limits for explicit applications and initiate a “Don’t disturb” mode to limit interferences during explicit times.

HONOR Price in UAE:

HONOR 90 price in UAE is quite affordable. The smartphone is available for just AED 1999.

Ending words:

The HONOR 90 price in UAE is quite affordable. HONOR 90 has expanded the client experience. The thing goes with a set-up of a few applications you can download in it due to the huge stockpiling. The specifications and the key highlights have been examined exhaustively above.

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