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Is Scam or Legit {Aug 2023} Read Reviews!

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Buyers need to be more careful and find the answer to the question, Is Scam or Legit, before trusting the Clysose website.

Are you fond of fashionable outfits? If you are a man who belongs to the United States and loves to wear fashionable outfits, today’s article might change your life. 

In recent days, if you have ever heard about the Clysose website, you should read this article before purchasing anything from there. So, through this article, let us find the answer to the question- Is Scam or Legit?

Go through the authenticity points of the Clysose website:

  • On 17th April 2023, the owner of Clysose created this website. The website is four months old.
  • The owner of the Clysose website last updated it on 17th April 2023. 
  • 17th April 2024 is the expiration date of the Clysose website.
  • The trust score of this website is horrible. It is only 1%.
  • As the website is only four months old, it is not popular among the customers.
  • The speed of the website is impressive.
  • The website has a valid SSL certificate.
  • The website lacks Reviews because of being a new website.
  • The phishing score, threat profile score, spam score, and malware score are not available.
  • The domain of the Clysose website is HTTPS protected.
  • The details of the owner are not mentioned on the official website of Clysose. 

What is the Clysose website?

Clysose is an online-based shopping website that sells fashionable outfits for men. They have a vast collection of men’s dresses and shoes. You can find men’s t-shirts, stacked denim, men’s polos, tactical pants, trendy suits, leather shoes, and other accessories. 

The website looks catchy and interesting. Anyone can fall for such interesting websites. But you need to remember one thing that before buying any item from an unknown website, it is important to find the answer to the question- Is Scam or Legit?

Check out the specifications of the Clysose website:

  • is the official URL link for the Clysose website.
  • is the official email address of the Clysose website. It is the only way to contact them.
  • Aimark Ltd. is the company name.
  • 10853964 is the registration number of the company.
  • Chase Business Centre, 39-41 Chase Side, London, United Kingdom, N145BP is the official address of the Clysose website. 
  • The Clysose website is not available on social media.
  • The website did not mention the exact shipping time. 
  • Cancellation, refund, and return policies are available.
  • The Clysose website accepts American Express, MasterCard, Discover, VISA, PayPal, and other payment methods.

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Is Scam or Legit? Pros and Cons.


  • Free shipping is available on orders above $40.
  • They have a vast collection of dresses and shoes.
  • The Clysose website is providing a great discount on every product.


  • The website lacks a lot of vital information.
  • The Clysose website is not active on any social media platforms.
  • They do not mention any specific shipping time. 
  • Shipping charges are higher than the product price.
  • The owner’s details are not available. Reviews:

Unfortunately, we could not find any customer reviews for the Clysose website. No one knows about this website because the owner of the Clysose website created it only four months ago. It is risky to trust such a new website.

As per other online portals, the Clysose website is a scam. These portals warned customers about the authenticity of the website. So, if you still want to buy any product from the Clysose website, buy it at your own risk. And do good research on- how to be safe from a PayPal scam

The Final Verdict:

After checking all the authenticity points of the Clysose website, we have come to a final decision. The trust score and the missing vital details indicate that Clysose is not an authentic and trustworthy website for shopping. It is better to avoid buying anything from the Clysose website. We suggest our readers select a reliable and secure shopping portal for buying men’s t-shirts.

Have you ever fallen for a scam website? Please comment and read- how to detect a credit card scam.

Is Scam or Legit– FAQ Section:

Q.1 Is the Clysose website fake?

Ans. Yes.

Q.2 Can the Clysose website steal your personal data?

Ans. Yes.

Q.3 What is the trust score?

Ans. 1%.

Q.4 Can we contact them via phone call?

Ans. No.

Q.5 Does the Clysose website sell only men’s outfits and accessories?

Ans. Yes.

Q.6 Does the Clysose website accept VISA?

Ans. Yes. 

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