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In the article, you will find Percival Mabasa Wikipedia details, his complete murder story, and people’s reaction to this brutal killing.

Have you heard of Percival Mabasa’s death? How was Percival Mabasa killed? On Monday, 3rd October, a news reporter was killed by a gunshot. The incident occurred at BF Resort near Aria Street, Las Pinas, Philippines.

The United States reporters are fighting for the justice of Mabasa and sharing the information about his death. People are shocked hearing this incident on the and are eager to get justice and provide love and condolences to his family. Percival Mabasa Wikipedia major details are provided in this article.

Crime Incident 

A 66-year-old news reporter Percival Mabasa was shot on the street of Parangay Talon 2. As per the CCTV footage, the police found that Mabasa was a radio commentator on DWBL. At 8:30 p.m., he was entering the BF resort when a White Fortuner blocked his entry, and another motorbike came across and shot him with a gun on the spot.

Police concluded that both the biker and car person were connected. Police are searching for the suspect, and people who read this news want to read Mabasa Biography.

Philippines Protest 

The people did not accept the brutal killing on the streets of the Philippines. The family of Mabasa is asking for justice and provide suitable punishment to the murderers. People are marching on the streets to support the family and get justice for the victim. Percival ‘s brother Roy Mabasa shared his emotion on his Facebook page and commented on this crime to get justice for his brother.

Personal Details

  • Full Name: Tito Percy Lapid
  • Birth Name: Percival Mabasa
  • Father: Information is Unavailable 
  • Birth Place: Manila, Philippines
  • Social Media: Facebook page with 51k followers. YouTube channel with 200k subscribers. 

Additional Information 

  • Two days ago, Roy Mabasa posted a video of 30th September 2022 on his Facebook page. After that, the next post was about his brother’s brutal killing. 
  • It was the second brutal killing of a radio broadcaster within 1 month. Before the Mabasa killing, on 18th September, Ray Blanco was stabbed to death.
  • The suspects were absconded, and police searched them based on information they got from the CCTV footage.

Percival Family Background

Percival has a brother named Roy Mabasa and there is a picture of his mother and a daughter going viral on the internet. Apart from this there is no information about personal background.

Moreover, his marital status is also unknown, and there have been rumours about his dating life but no clarification were noticed about his love life and wife. Additionally, before working for DWBL, he worked at ACL Group of Companies in DWIZ.

Percival was born on 25th October 1955. Multiple news reports are available on the internet, but they all provide different details. However, as per his date of birth, the correct Age is 66.

The suspected reason for the brutal killing of Percival

Percival was unhappy with the function of the Philippines president’s government as they were not providing proper welfare for the public. He was asking for justice for his fellow reporter Ray who died on 18th September. He was also criticizing the Marcos government. Moreover, the president’s executive secretary resigned after multiple allegations against Bongbong Marcos. Percival was about to update his report on social media, but he was shot dead before any update.

Percival Schooling Details

From the sources, he completed his schooling at Porar Central School in 1968. Started his career in Journalism in 2012 on the 7th of January. After primary school, he completed a Secondary Education at St. Catherine Academy in 1972. Other than DWBL, he was also working as a subsidiary in DWIZ. 

The Other Name of Percival

Percival was famous with the name Percy Lapid, but his actual name was Percival Mabasa. His facebook account name is Percy Lapid Fire. 

Moreover, we demand justice for the brutal killing of reporters on the streets. The government should take strict action against such crimes, and the police authorities should look forward to arresting the criminals to give punishment for their crimes. 


The inhuman murder of Percival Mabasa, is not acceptable. Citizens of the Philippines are supporting his family and protesting to get justice for the lesser one. 

Do you still have doubt on Real Name of Percival? You can share your opinion in the comments below. Also, Read more details on Percy Lapid from this link.

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